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Pyrénées trip 1. Gorges de la Carança & Lacs des Bouillouses

My husband and I've been traveling so much that I didn't have time to post for a while!  Finally here I am!  Our last summer destination in France, Pyrénées~!  While most of French people go to the beaches in South France, we chose Pyrénées and Cévennes national park.  We wish we had more time; there are so many hiking trails that we'd love to try but didn't have enough time.  If you ever go to Pyrénées, I highly recommend you to stay La Fontaine at Olette.  The owners, Janet and Hugo, are the expert in that area (speak English and French).  If you have any question, they'd give you the answer!  It's also 15 min driving distance from Villefranch- de-Conflent ( one of the plus beaux villages)  and the Gorges de la Carança.  

너~무 놀러다녀서 그동안 블로그 올릴 시간이 없었읍니다.  미국에 잠깐 다녀오느라 ㅋ 여기 프랑스 사람들은 정말 거의 모두 우르르 다들 바다로 향하는데 우리는 바다는 빌루 인지라 산으로 쓩~ 호텔 레스토랑 값도 싸고 사람들도 빌루 없고 산 아주 강추! 피라네 라고 산인데요 스페인하고 프랑스 국경에 있는 곳입니다.  날씨가 아주 오락가락해서 잘 살펴서 가시길…

Villefranche-de-Conflent; you can have lunch and dinner at this village.. 빌프랑쉬더 콩플랑이라고 예쁜 마을!  여기서 점심 저녁 해결…

Fort Liberia.. We didn't go up there ( well! Montpellier to Pyrénées, there was a huge accident so we lost more than 1 hours so we couldn't do many things that we'd planned to do….:( )

From Olette, It's about 10 min driving distance and so very worth it.  There were lots of family doing hiking together with little kids.  One can choose easy trail or difficult trail.. So beautiful~! 

Gorges de la Carança (GPS: 42° 31' 0.44'' N / 2° 13' 0.38'' E) Take N116 until Thuès-entre-Vals and follow the sign!  There is a parking lot that you can park and start the hiking~

오~ 이 원숭이 다리.. ( 영어로 Monkey bridge  라고 부른다는…) 무서웡..

Cool thing about this place is that there is manmade path all the way through … We walked up with just normal way and down with this trail.. So beautiful!~

Kinda scary too :P

너무 잘만든…

Beautiful view all over!  Highly recommend!  

The next day, we went to the Lacs des Bouillouses ( Lake Bouillouses) We got so lucky to have beautiful weather! I heard that you'd give up the hiking if weather isn't good… Please check the weather at this website before you decide to go there.  You can drive to Pla de Barrès and take the shuttle during summer.  The direction is very well marked.  You won't miss it! 

We just did one trail, Boucle des étangs du Carlit Variante des 12 Lacs ( 5 hours); 12 lakes trail.  It was amazing!  There are so many options.  Next time we'd love to stay at this area for a long time and do all that! 

Lac des Bouillouses!

Boneshores restaurant!  It's the perfect spot to have drink and food after hiking! 

Awesome trail!  I loved it!  너무 괜찮은 등산로… 

방울 단 소들이 즐겁게 살고 있는…

We saw all 12 lakes!  All beautiful and unique!  Don't miss it!

Weather.. ah~ perfect!

There were so many people when we started the hiking because we all just got off from a big bus.  So we decided to walk the opposite direction which turned out better way to see all 12 lakes.

It was super cold!! 

For the last 3 lakes, you'd better bring a jacket! 

Last 3 lake is little further but it's worth it!

너무 예쁘죠!  다음엔 소풍을 이 곳에서…

Super clean water!  There were many people having picnics!

열나 먹은 소들 낮잠 시간

Boneshores restaurant inside

Eat the grilled meat!

We asked fries instead of boiled veggie.  And of course asked for ketchup.  The server gave me one little package and when I asked for more, they gave us 3 more little packages that all different brand! :P So very French experience :P

역쉬 괴기엔 프라이가 짱이죠.. 등산 열나게 한후라서 어찌나 맛있던지… 꼭 가보시길!

The pork sausage was super yummy!

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