Sunday, September 11, 2016

Oh-Jung Agricultural Market in Daejeon, South Korea

   Guess what! I am back to Korea!  I know I know.. I was planning to post blogs about Tanzania adventures but I had to move to Korea less than 2 weeks after the Tanzania trip so here I am! posting different yet cool adventure in Daejeon, Korea.  I am such a lucky person: I have awesome neighbors who became dear friends in very short time.  One of my friends who know so much about Daejeon than I am invited me to go to the big fish-veggie-fruit market in Daejeon today.

Matthew's favorite bus, 605 :), this bus stops 2 blocks from our apt. and stops at many useful place like agricultural center, supermarkets, furniture markets and etc. 

Woohoo~ It was my first bus ride in Daejeon.  1400won per ride! From our ( we all live in a same building :P) apt. to the market, it took about 20min or so..

All in Korean.... Good for me but it's hard for many foreign people in Daejeon

I got this photo from the Oh-Jung agricultural center website.  

It's the weekends before the Chuseok, Korean Full Moon Festival, so all the vendors were open for normal people.  Normally this market only do the whole sale very early in the morning. Our first stop! The fish market. 

Make sure that you wear shoes that you can easily wash :)  You will end up having fishy-feet. 

I guess it's shrimp season.  There were lots of live shrimps in the market.

Bloody Octopus from Pohang 

Live shrimps!

Fish sauce vendor.  They also sell pickled seafood.

Yummy expensive skate! 

Canadian Lobsters and Russian Crabs

My friends wanted to buy some scallops.  Very cheap!  about 10 big scallops about $17!

Live scallops!  

Dede got some huge prawns and fresh scallops.  The owner gave her lots of clams on the house! Dede always gets good service by Koreans.  I bet she knows more Korean people than I am in Daejeon! :)

Her fish vendor! 

Next stop, the dry fish-seaweed market.  It located right next to the fish market.  They usually don't open during the weekends but they did today because of the Chuseok. 

All kinds of dried anchovies, shrimps, pollocks, squids....

Next stop! Fruit and Vegetable market.  

During the Chuseok, Korean people give presents to each other.  Fruits are one of the popular items among with sesame oil box, Spam box, Canned tuna box and Beef ribs! :)  My expat friends were surprised that Korean people love the Spam present sets!

All very beautifully boxed fruits.  If you ever see the Korean Pear, you must taste it!  

After fish market, fruit vendors look good and smell better :P

It has small section of the vegetable vendors inside.  Daejeon market isn't as big as markets in Seoul but because of that I actually like it more: easy to walk around and buy stuff...

Korean cucumbers for kimchi!

All kinds of potatoes and sweet potatoes. 

H.U.G.E Korean Pears! 5 of them were $10. It's a good market to come with bunch of friends and share some veggies and fruits since the portions are big for just one and two people.  

Super yummy squash.  It's like zucchini but not bitter like it. We make the pancakes, add to the soup, sautée and etc. 

Amanda with delicious white peach from Moozu. We shared them too!

Dragon fruits!

If you ever come to Daejeon, you must to go to the Jung-ang market next to the Daejeon station and must eat all the yummy street food but if you have some extra time, you can check this market out.  Next time I will buy some abalone and eat them! 


  1. Fantastic photos Keewi! Such a fun day at the Fresh Market - so glad you could join us! Now...we have to eat everything we bought! LOL