Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Fantastic Day around Daejeon

Last December, my uncle and aunt who live in Daejeon took us for a nice day trip to a beautiful restaurant and a famous temple.  We don't have a car (Yet! after this trip, we decided to buy a car :P) so we've been to places where we can get to by KTX, bus and taxi.  My uncle and aunt've lived in Daejeon over 20 years so they wanted to show us around.

Yet-Tau - meaning Old Field in Korean
Daejeon Dong-gu Sannae-ro 321-35

There is two restaurants and a café ( I think..) and a little museum.  

My husband and my uncle - same hair color but my husband is  20 years younger than him he he :P

Beautifully decorated place.  I want to go again.

Inside Italian restaurant

Uncle and aunt brought a nice bottle of Italian wine.  There wasn't a corkage fee at this restaurant, awesome!

Cute uncle and aunt

Lots lots food... again!  Just you know, if you get a invitation from Korean people, make sure that you have an empty stomach. 

Romantic place

Oops my husband closed his eyes but this was the best photo so... oh! well~~

After lunch, uncle and aunt took us to the famous temple.  On the way to the temple, this is the most famous pine tree, it's Sir Pine tree :) This tree is higher class than me.

For once, air was clean and nice.

I love these colorful traditional Korea buildings. 

Protecting the temple

This temple has the HUGE buddharupa.  80kg gold was used according to a website :) and redone in 2002.. No wonder I remember differently....

We couldn't take photos inside but it was impressive. 

Inside this temple has lots of national treasures. 

Every corners, one can find new beautiful paintings and colorful structures. 

Beautiful corner!

Dinner time, Eat again.. :) 

On the way to Daejeon, we stopped at a Korean restaurant that my aunt liked. 마중, 청주
충청북도 청주시 상당구 문의면 미천리 114-52

Jellyfish with mustard sauce

Mungbean jelly with mungbean sprouts

Fish and Chinese chive pancake

Boiled pork with spicy radish

Veggie tempura and stuffed sorghum dumpling

Korean food, always ends with rice - all the little side dishes and bean paste soup

It was a fun and awesome day with my uncle and aunt.  We just met them again during the Lunar New Year celebration and (of course) ate tons of food.  My husband is recovering from the massive food attack :P.  Thank you uncle and aunt!!!!!

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