Sunday, September 21, 2014

Festin de Pierres à Saint Jean de Védas

St. Jean de Védas, that's the name of the town I always see when I take the tram 2 orange flower line in Montpellier. That's it!  It's not an exciting town or anything, it's just the end of the tram line.  Unless you live in there, you don't have any reason to go there.  But yesterday I went to the festival in that town and I loved it!  The official name is Festin de Pierres, 6th Festival des Arts de Rue Traversiers.  The vacation time ( the middle of July through the middle of August) is over so Montpellier is really quiet lately but there are still many things going on in this region.  It was hot and sunny, which was perfect weather for the street performances.  I didn't have to plan anything.  I just followed my French friends everywhere and it was super cool!  

The first one we saw was the Tiravol.  Wow! we have to see them to understand my wow :)  During and after I saw the show, I thought I really need to exercise! :)  

The second one was the Funambus. Again it was very impressive but well… smelly and kinda dangerous.  Some kids were scared :P  Neverthless it was very interesting performance.  

The last one and my favorite was the concert, YOM.  I even videotaped! woohooo.  I was very impressed that this small festival could invite musicians like them.  It started after 11pm ( wow crazy French people, the most famous shows and concerts are actually happening in very very late night! well because it's still hot and sunny I guess in south France…) You can google their video or music but you have to see it.  Extremely talented clarinetist and their klezmer music! Fantastic~!


  1. There are some nice recordings on YouTube of YOM, like … too bad this album, "Unue", is so expensive!

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      Should I get some for you?

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