Monday, September 29, 2014

Les Gorges de Colombières / 콜롬비에 협곡

As soon as I arrived in Montpellier, I'd searched all kinds of internet communities to learn about this region.  I was so lucky to find the Meetup group, Montpellier rando & plein air (hiking & outdoors) group.   Thank to the group and the organizer, we've done many hikings in this beautiful Languedoc-Roussillon.  (Oh well now I think, I should post them all on my blog soon…) So far my favorite is Saint Guilhem-le-Désert; the beautiful village where you can take a break after the wonderful hiking… it's hard to compete!, but IF! les gorges de Colombières were near or next to that kind of village, I'd have to say that it'd be my most favorite hiking trail!  Unfortunately ( well fortunately for me, I actually like to hike under little cloud :P) the weather was very gray with little bit of rain drops so my camera couldn't capture the beauty but with all that odd, it was a awesome hiking.  According to my Fitbit, I climbed 210 stories, over 270,000 steps I walked! I wish my husband was with me … So I am posting the photos for him and you all :) 

몽펠리에에 도착하자마자 마구 인터넷을 뒤져서 찾은 밋업그룹, 몽펠리에 등산 그룹 ( 한국말로 등산 하니까 느무 욱기심 ㅋㅋ) , 정말이지 잘 찾아서 조인해서 지금까지 아주 잘~알 등산을 하고 있는데요 어제는 이동네에서 한시간 정도 떨어진 콜롬비에 협곡으로 갔읍니다.  한국 말로 협곡이라네요 계곡? 이랑 뭐가 다른감? 암튼 아주~ 예쁜 곳이었읍니다!  이동네사람들에게 유명한 곳이라고 하네요.. 즐기시길…. 

The first half was very steep.  My hamstring says so today… :P
정말 첨올라가는길이 음청 가파른곳!  내 다리가 오늘 그렇게 말함… 지금 비도 오는데 아무것도 않하고 이렇게 블로그 하기 딱 좋은 날씨에 내 슬픈 다리통 ㅋㅋ

I thought " wow it'd be stunningly beautiful if it was a sunny day! "

Even without sun, it was gorgeous hike.. Look at all the rocks!
햇빛 없이도 이리 예쁘신..

Frisko & Glasgow! The best hiking puppies! 

I love gorges! If it was during summer, I'd definitely put my feet in and relax for a while. 

물이 예술 깨끗!  여름에 딱 발 담그고 수박 먹기에 좋을 곳!

가다가 발견한 짐승들.  이름은 모름 ㅋ

Do you know what they are?  Someone said "Bambie!"

Beautiful rock color…

Lunch!  We deserved it!  The most sophiscated lunch spot ! :) The great thing about this hiking is that next to this lunch spot, there is a water tap that you can refill your bottle.  So next time when you come for hiking at this place, just bring half portion of your water~ 

Happy Frisko with super clean gorge!

Waiting at the plateau…

The lunch spot! 아까 밥먹었던곳

This reddish brown bush was purple!  It must've been amazing… 이것들이(이 불그스레 갈색것들이.. )보라색 꽃이였다는… 정말 예술 이었을듯!

햇빛이 쨍쨍 했다면 정말 벽걸이용 사진퀼러티 였을것을… :)

I had to take a photo of her.  She was the brightest of them all~ :) 

Meetup hiking group members~

The end of the trail… What a gorgeous hiking trail!  I'd love to do again! Yayou my Kom! 

정말이지 예술 등산로였다는… 다음에 울 신랑 모시고 ㅋㅋㅋ 또 오고 싶은곳! 

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