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Simply Beautiful Country Iceland/ 심플하면서도 아름다운 나라 아이스랜드

Ah~ it's been already a year! We arrived in Montpellier Oct. 26th 2013! Before that, we traveled all over the U.S. ; Montreal to Upstate NY to Chicago to Colorado to Utah to California to NYC to Boston to Iceland… wow! Right now I am thinking I won't go anywhere in several months except I have to move back to U.S. … Sadly I couldn't find a job in Montpellier as I wished.. Well! C'est la vie! So today I'd like to share our experience in Iceland.  First of all, Iceland air was the only one airline company that offers very reasonable oneway fare- just half price of the round trip.  Isn't it great? And additional to that, you can stay in Iceland less than 2weeks(? check it out now if you wonder.. to make sure of it) without any additional fee.  So we decided to stay in Reykjavik for several days before fly to France.  It was a great choice! We highly recommend you to travel to Iceland.  It was an amazing country to explore.  Not only that, but also since it's in the Schengen area, we didn't have to go through the customs in France but in peaceful Iceland :)  Before we left for France, we stayed with la famille de belle-sœur ( I like the word in French :P sister-in-law :P) in Boston and happily we were with them when they adopted these super cute kittens, Spaghetti & Meatball! Our nephew already named them before adopting them :) Aren't they awesome names?

아~ 벌써 프랑스 온지 일년이 돼었읍니당~ 왠일.. 시간 느무 훅하고 가주시고 남은건 여행사진뿐.. 여기서 일 찾아서 좀 살아볼려고 했으나 요즘 프랑스 경제 느무 않좋아서리.. 나의 사랑 미국으로 곧 돌아갈려고 합니다.. 일년전에 여기 오기 직전에 들린 아이스랜드 여행사진을 좀 보여들일려고 하는데요.  아주 좋았던곳.  사실 캐나다 퀘벡보다 덜추운곳인데 이름이 아이스랜드다 보니까 사람들이 아주 아주 추운곳으로 아는 곳! 아주 아주 깨끗하고 사람들도 나이스 하고 비싼 성수기를 피해서 가서 그런지 알뜰하게 여행하고 온곳입니다.  혹시 기회되시면 가보시길.  톨킨 할아버지가 아이스랜드 보고 호빗이랑 반지의 제왕 쓴거 아시죠?  영화는 뉴질랜드에서 찍어서 약가 아이스랜드 사람들이 삐쳤었다는 ㅋㅋㅋ 암튼 작년 요맘땜 놀다온곳입니다~ 

프랑스 오기전에 울 시누이네 집에서 고양이 입양한날! 



Iceland! The first destination….. Church!

Inside Hallgrímskirkja (Church of Hallgrímur) I really don't now how to pronounce it :) I just copied and pasted here lol.  It was the most simple church I've ever seen and entered!

아이스랜드는 심플 그 자체!나라 전체가 너무 정리정돈 잘된곳

View from the Church tower.  I like the colorful rooftops~

It was cloudy so the photo didn't come out well but this is the view you might see all over the tour guide book of Iceland :) 

Safnahúsið - Museum House ( I didn't know that but according to Wiki, this is… the power of internet… :P)

Super clean and simple city! 

Harpa - Concert hall  It's beautiful inside out!

주변을 돌아보면 경치가 다 이렇심.  여기가 수도인데요 하루 돌면 다 걸어서 다닐수 있다는 

View from the Harpa

Inside Harpa

Walking around…Beautiful and peacefull harbor…

공기 왕짱 청정!

Walking toward to the Pond - Tjörnin

Tjörnin, next to the City hall

Water birds are everywhere!


시청옆 호수! 약간 을씨년 씨러운곳.  사람들이 빌루 없심… 인구밀도가 아주 작은 나라인듯 :) 

It's really pretty city…

One of the best restaurants we've ever been to ( we've been to lots of restaurants :P) 

You can make a reservation through their website!

Hummmm I'd love to eat there again again again! We wanted to go for dinner again but the time didn't work…. so sad! 

여기 음식 진짜 예술.  약간 일본식이 가미된 아이스랜드 음식.  울 나라 사람 입맛에도 딱! 

Now learn how to tie your tie :)

OK… I have to say :) it's little too lame since it was mark on the tourist map as a huge biking ship :P 

Micro Bar!  If you are a beer-person, you have to go!  We went there twice and all the beer was fantastic.  I wish I can import the beer to U.S.! 
여기 맥주 예술… 물이 좋아서 그런지… 근디 좀 많이 비싸다는 ㅋ

Another bar…. The water in Iceland is so good and the beer is even better!

Iceland tours are really well organized.  We took the golden circle and south coast trip from the Iceland Guided Tours.  It was a great choice!

Unfortunately the weather wasn't great.  I only packed clothes for South France so I was almost freezes :) Nevertheless, it was beautiful. 
아이스랜드 가면 꼭 가야하는 코스 근디 느무 추운날씨였심..


꼭 엘로우스톤처럼 올라오는 황산 수? 

공기 물 느무 깨끗.. 사람 빌루 없고. 반지제왕 쓴거 맛심. 딱 그곳 느낌

I forgot where it was.. I even bought a postcard :) 

Finally on the way back to Reykjavik, we got the sun! Isn't it beautiful? The air was so clean!

오느길에 드디어 나타나신 햇님…

The driver + tourguide, just parked side road and we took photos.  Everybody inside the car was very happy to have some sunny photos :) We coudn't see anything well during the journey since it snowed very heavily…

Next day!  This was the part of South Coast trip from the tour company. 

다음날 간 곳.  이름 까먹음 ㅋ 남쪽 해안 여행중 하나의 코스였심

Icelandic lamb soup. Simple but delicious! 전통요리 양고기 스프

여기는 흑모래로 유명함.  피부에 좋을래나?

Black sand!

Somehow all our couple photos came out like this; no eyes!

This reminds me the church in Reykjavik. 자연적으로 형성된.. 예술…

Glacier! 오늘 길에 들른 빙하!

보이는게 다 빙하이심.  산만한 얼음…

This dirty looking thing is glacier :) 

Again, no eyes :P

평화롭고 공기 좋은 나라…

Someday we want to go there again and do the ring tour ( the driving the whole country!) The food was fantastic - the ingredients were great but also their cuisine and techniques were really refined. Oh! don't forget their Skyr! The best yogurt I've ever had! And oh! Icecream! The dairy products in Iceland are just fantastic! And people are nice, hard workers, speak English very well :) and we felt really safe while we were there.  The tour guide told us that there are only 300 policeman in whole country :) Amazing country! 

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