Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Year in Ithaca, New York I: Autumn and Winter in Ithaca / 이타카에서 일년... 가을, 겨울..

Hi all!  I haven't posted any blog since Nov. 2014! Guess what!  I am back to U.S.. My amazing adventures in France and Europe are over for a while.  My husband and I settled down in Ithaca, New York, the home of the Cornell University.  Ben got a job at Cornell Univ. and I got a job in downtown Ithaca, Coltivare.  It's been a super busy year, too busy to post anything :)  even though there are so many things to do in Ithaca area.  We have lots of restaurants, awesome wineries and breweries, beautiful falls and parks and the Finger Lakes! The most importantly, when I am little sick of the country life, I can just take a bus and go to the New York City.  How awesome is that! I lived in San Francisco Bay Area over 10 years so it's time for me to live near NYC for years, right? Do you want to see the fantastic Ithaca life?

안녕하세요! 정말 작년 파리 블로그 이후에 너무나 바빴던 일년.  그 멋진 프랑스에서의 일년의 생활을 접고 드디어 미국으로 왔읍니당~ 미국이 역시 말도 통하고 뭐이나라사람이라 뭐든 쉽고.  프랑스생활이 너무 좋았긴했는데, 역쉬 집에 오니까 편하네요. 오자마자 일찾고 해서 너~무나 바빴던 일년.  코넬대학교 아시죠? 그 동네로 이사왔읍니다.  전형적인 미국시골보다 코넬대학땜시 동네가 좋거든요.  가까이에 핑거레이크라고 아주 멋진 호수들과 와인농장, 맥주농장, 유기농 농장등등, 아주 살기좋은동네입니다.  뭐 다른 말은 필요없고 사진보시죠 :)

그리스가 오스만 제국에서 독립하고 나폴레옹이 죽은, 멕시코랑 파나마가 스페인에서 독립한 그해에 우리 이타카가 생겼다네요 ㅋ
The year Greece became a independant country from Ottoman Empire, Napoleon Bonaparte died, Mexico and Panama became independent from Spain, Ithaca was born!

우리~집! 다가 아니구요 저 이층 왼쪽 :)  
Home home sweet home!

학교를 6개의 아파트로 개조한 집입니다.  예쁘죠? 

One of the best things, we have this trail near our home. 

Ben and his best friend, John-Paul.  

Autumn leaves, so beautiful to look at but .... :) 

The beautiful autumn in Ithaca is super short... Already winter in November ..

길고긴 겨울이 벌써 시작..

But we have wineries to go!  What a beautiful day!

나의 사랑 와인!

Super cute winery, Silver Thread

If you ever visit the east Seneca lake, you must go to StoneCat Café

My husband is a beer person.  The great thing about Finger Lakes Region, we have both, wine and beer! One of our favorite, Two Goats! You have to taste the cream ale...

Back to downtown Ithaca.  I forgot where it was... Looks yummy :) 

Eat again.  still don't remember which restaurant :) 

The bridge from our home to Cornell college town.

Time to drive to another brewery! It used to be a fire house!

My FAVORITE cider EVER! we were there to pick up organic turkey for our Thanksgiving and found this awesome cider.  You must visit the Finger Lakes Cider House!

Our favorite local bar, Argos

Inside Argos bar!

ㅋ 마시기 전 ㅋㅋ

From Argos to Just a Taste!  One of the best Ithaca restaurants.  MUST GO

eat eat eat 먹고 먹고 또 먹고

eat eat eat

The first Thanksgiving in the east coast ever!  Danby, New York with friends!

The house owner is very into hunting ...

Good life farm yummy organic turkey!

Eat eat eat Drink drink drink!  I love Thanksgiving!!!!! Eat until you can't move!

Happy new year! at my work, Coltivare!

Ben found this amazing quilt from the quilt show in Auburn, New York. 

Looks even more amazing in real!

Wondering my work life? My restaurant, Coltivare with Lauren, the assistant manager. 

Well, talking about what I've been doing at my work?  Desserts!

Yummy Maple Financier with Maple Gelato!

Hazelnut Meringue with Lemon-Olive Gelato

Just look at this.. you will gain weight.. 보기만해도 살이 절로...

Desserts for a event :) Cute! Do I eat this? nope... not my thing :)  But you can!

I am also teaching TC3 students.  They made all this!

My perfect perfect students and food !

 Click Tasteful Sensation! for more photos! 


  1. keewi, I love those dessert you made

  2. I will just comment on the food for now. YUM!!! Those pics are driving me crazy over here! Oh, and the desserts....YUM SQUARED!!! -Dan :->