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Mexico City I : Foodie's Paradise / 멕시코 시티 I : 먹프로들의 천국

  If you've seen all the photos that I've posted, you'd guess that I love eating and drinking.  Last Christmas, we went to Mexico City and spent a fantastic vacation with our friends.  My husband and I fell in love with the city.  I didn't expect anything but some original Mexican food: I didn't expect to see all the amazing museums, markets, street arts, very friendly people, wonderful churches and pyramids :)  I suppose to post Ithaca II about the spring and summer but before I forgot about all this food, I'd love to share with you everything we ate and drank in the wonderful Mexico City.  We loved Pujol, currently #16th best restaurant in the world, of course but the fantastic Mexican food scene wasn't just limited to the fancy restaurants: we loved everything from the tacos at the market to the churros at El Morro.  Let me show you, ready?

** Oh! I forgot to mention that my husband posted his photos,, check it out!

  지금까지 제 블로그를 보신 분들은 아시겠지만 저랑 제 남편은 진짜 먹고 마시는걸 느무 좋아라하거든요.  저희 집 엥겔 지수는 무엇보다 높다는ㅋㅋ.  저번 크리스마스랑 설날에 멕시코 시티에 다녀 왔읍니다.  진짜 뭐 기대 절대 않하고 갔다가 사랑에 푹~욱 빠진 도시.  매 겨울 마다 갈 생각까지 하고 있다는...  먹을꺼 많고 싸고 사람들도 나이스 하고 날씨도 좋고, 물론 우리나랑 80년대 같이 좀 드러운곳은 그렇고 길거리에서 파는 따꼬를 먹을 많큼 발달돼진않았지만 그래서 그런지 더 정감가는 도시.  꼭~ 가보세요. 한국 분들은 다들 피라미드에서 많이 계시던데.. 울나라 사람들이 역사 좋아하잖아요.  친구들 다 데리고 가서 왕창먹고 파티해도 아주 저렴하게 럭셔리 할수있는도시랍니당~ 사진보니까 또 먹고 싶은.... 우리나라 TV에 "먹어 먹어, 먹어 먹어, 먹어 먹어, 랄랄랄라 ~라" 하던데 사진 보면서 그 노래 내 뇌안에 울려퍼지고 있다는... ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  First of all the breakfast from The Red Tree House  If you somehow reserve a room at this boutique hotel, consider yourself lucky :) We were with our friend who reserved the penthouse over 6 months in advance and while we stayed 10 days at this hotel, we felt like we were home (better than home :P actually)  The staffs became like our Mexican family.  Thank you! Victor, Alejandro, Ricardo, Carlos, Craig, Jorge and all other staffs at the Red Tree House.  Hope to see you soon!!!!


멕시코 시티에 머물을일 있으시면 이 호텔에서 지내시길.  좀비싸 축에 들긴하지만 아주 편하고 좋은동네에있고 사람들도 아주 따뜻하고... 이곳에서 일하는 사람들과 친구 돼어서 요즘 연락하고 지낸다는... 주인이 미국 사람이라서 영어 아주~ 잘 통하고...

Starting the first night, we went to about 5? times in 10 days at this local Taco place, El Califa.  It was walking distance from the Red Tree House.  Awesome place to eat the late night "snack" and drink good Mexican beer.  Oh! you must try their Consommé de Pollo.  My absolute favorite!  

낮에 맨날 왕창 먹어서 밤에 그냥 야식 쬐끔씩 하자고 동네 따코집에 가보지만 또 배터저서 호텔에 돌아오는 악? 순환을 계속... 아~ 또 먹고싶다.... 이집 닭수프는 딱 울나라 백숙같아서 아주 속이 후련했심.. 건강해지는 느낌. 

 Midnight dessert, Oaxacan Chocolate 

After this blog, I will probably post the market tour with Paco from Eat Mexico (if you click it, you will see the review by my friend) It was amazing.  I will post about the tour soon.  You can book the tour at this website, Eat Mexico.

My second taco from the tour. 

Zucchini blossom, cheese and chicken huarache.  저녁에 또 먹으러 가야하므로 아주 쬐끔먹은곳 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ  

Dinner at Máximo Bistro, the restaurant ambiance was very nice: well that means it was dark :)  The food looked much better in real... still beautiful though

Fish with Green Mole.  I've never known until this trip that there is the green mole.  It was great with fish. 

About 20 to 30 min walking distance from Frida Kahlo museum.  If I have money, I'd love to buy house in this area...

I had to eat Posole Rojo (Pork & Hominy soup)... yummy! My favorite soup in the world!

Chili Relleno

Lunch at Sanborns de los Azulejos.  There will be long line, so avoid the busiest time ( 2pm to 4pm) I think we got there before 2pm to get the table.  

메뉴에만 있으면 꼭 먹어줘야하는 나의 숲 포솔레 로호. Posole Rojo again..

역쉬 난 스테이크는 소스가 있어야... 이건 쫌 뻑뻑했심

울 신랑의 엔칠라다.  Enchilada verde

Chili Rellenos con something... It was very yummy.  I finished my steak with this sauce.

The MUST place in Mexico City, my husband, our friend and my most favorite bar in the city.  Reforma 500.  This place will be our Christmas tradition.... 

The best mixed nut ever- lime with chili flavor

I believe the chef has the Japanese cuisine background.  안주는 문어!

나의 사랑 돼지 삼겹살 따꼬.. 멕시코에서 먹은 따꼬중 내가 젤루 사랑하는... Porkbelly Taco. 

3 of us had 10 cocktails and each cocktail was served in all different glasses.  The server was great: he used to work in U.S. he said.  

Beautiful to look at but ... it was ok-salad

Soups.  before the broth

Beautiful soup

Surely I like to dine at fancy restaurants but I love more the authentic small restaurants.  I think this is my favorite one.  I forgot the name: it was half block from the Saturday market. 

Tortilla soup

Lime soup- soooooooooo good!  I want to eat again like ... now :)..

먹고 먹고 또 먹고 또 마시고 그런데도 한 3만원도 안 되었던거 같심 ㅋㅋㅋ싸고 맛있고 ...

Again... everymorning, we all decided to have "light" lunch because we have a dinner reservation at a fine dining but.... never ever worked that way... :) No complain!

Dinner at Anatol in Polanco.  My friends were really really surprised when I ordered millions of dishes. We shared all the food together, and enjoyed them all but couldn't finish them.  How sad! In México city, the food portion is pretty good so don't over order it. ( well but I can't help it.  I wanted to try them all :P) 
Water service with sage and star anise= Cool!

The bread service with hummus

Yummy cocktail

Wild mushroom with egg.  Soooooo good!

Beet with pistachio

Salmon belly tartar with crispy salmon skin

Soup - up before the broth, down after the broth.  Black bean soup with foie gras

Poutine! with something.... the sauce was way way too thick but delicious. 

Grilled Calamari with chorizo

Pork belly- this was the best dish.. Do you see the pattern?  I love pork belly :P 

Ojo de Agua Condesa.  Right cross from the Red Tree House.  It's like healthy food café.  The service style reminded me Café Borrone in Menlo Park, CA (I used to live there...:)) The food looks good but taste so-so.  The juice and drinks are big and fresh.  

The Chilaquiles at the Red Tree House was way better :) 

"Light" Lunch at Al Andalus.  Ok, so!  Light lunch doesn't exist in Mexico.  We tried but it didn't work :)  I do not drink soda: no sweet beverage unless there is alcohol and bubbles BUT this lime-ade  was the best ever.  It was like virgin mojito but not too sweet.  

Tortilla soup


Falafel- delicious.  You must order one to share. 

My light lunch, 5 lamb chops :) I love Mexico

Chorizo and Chicken

Chicken ?

We finished our light lunch and were very tired.  We needed some serious boost.  El Moro, It's our sacred place in Mexico city.  We worship the churros and people who serve them and people who make them.  It's up and coming cult.  Join us? 

This cute nice server didn't believe us that we wanted to order 4 kinds of hot chocolate with 4 churros each, hehehehehehe... 

I don't even like sweet ( I make them, but don't eat them) but hummmm churros in Mexico... it's totally something else. 
멕시코에 가시면 꼭꼭꼭 잡숴보아야하실... 츄로스... 예.술.대.박.

Ta-da~! The world 16th best restaurant, Pujol  Thank to my friend Kim and the Redtree House staff, we got the reservation.  Unfortunately my husband got sick so all he had was the fresh ginger tea that the Pujol crew made for him. and.... I ate both dishes from start to finish!  It's so nice to have a big stomach he he :)

Smoky baby corn with super yummy sauce which contains the ground dried ants.

All three of them were the Amuse Bouches

Beautiful Tacos!  They look like little garden.. bonsai...

The famous Mole

One of our friends said "What?!?! this is the Happy Ending?" Ha ha... nope, it was the mouth cleanser.


Woohooo Churrossssssssssssss.

These photos are from our friend.   He took very nice photos with his iPhone and posted on his FB.  And here you can enjoy them. 

Kim is our Churros Angel: Angel with Churro Halo :)

Lunch at Limosneros.  Have you seen the 007 movie?  The first scene was filmed in Mexico City and the server told us proudly that Daniel Craig'd eaten at this restaurant several times while he was working on the Spectre. 

Lunch after the Teotihuacan Pyramid tour (the famous Pyramid of Sun and Moon) The tour guide took us to this restaurant.  I didn't want to eat the warm but I took the photo from the menu. :) 

My Molcajete with chicken and pork?  I don't remember.  It was good but actually the Molcajete from L'Azteca in Redwood, CA was better.  


아~ 이렇게 먹고 마시고 즐기던 휴가를 뒤로한채 눈내리고 꿀꿀한 날씨에 이타카 와서 좀 많이 꿀꿀... 그러나 다음 겨울 다시 꼭 가리라 울 신랑이랑 친구들과 약속하고 기분 좀 많이좋아졌다는.  한국에서 맨날 미국미국하지 마시고 멕시코에서 싸고 기분 좋게 즐기시길. 

What an amazing experience in México City with good friends.  It's a bless to have foodie friends who know where to take me, share food with me and enjoy all the experience together.  
Thank you Kim and Ragen!  You are the best ever!  

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  1. Wow! That was one amazing food tour. I think I'm content with my tuna sandwiches and Morningstar burgers, but then I see this and I'm like “Nooooo!” Glad you guys had a nice tour of the country and a good getaway. :->