Sunday, November 30, 2014

Solo in Paris III./ 혼자하는 파리 여행 III.

Day 5: Jardin des Plantes, Walking all over, Lunch at Au Père Louis, Musée Cluny, Walking through the Quartier Latin, Checking out the Grande Mosquée de Paris, Walking in the Jardin des Plantes again..

Sadly my last day in Paris :( I put my luggage at the locker at Gare de Lyon and walked around all day.       If you have extra time, don't miss the Jardin des Plantes.  It's really beautiful garden with lots of flowers, green houses, and other interestings to look at.  It was again cloudy and raining so in the morning there was not many people at the garden.  I just zipped through the garden because it was raining and later came back again and leisurely walked around.  

슬프게도 마지막 날! 리옹역에 짐 넣어놓고 마구 걸어다녀줌. 4일 밤낮으로 걸어댕겨서 다리가 엄청 아프고 했지만 또 언제 여기 오나 싶어서 더 마구 다녀줌 ㅋ 

From Gare de Lyon, I was walking toward to the Jardin des Plantes and saw this building.  Apparently it's Les Docks- Cité de la Mode et du Design.  I just googled it now.  I thought I might go there someday but according to the review, there aren't much to see?  Interesting :) 

Jardin des Plantes.  Again it was raining!  Don't forget to bring an umbrella with you when you visit Paris!
내가 사랑에 빠진 정원.  꼭 가보시길.  단! 파리에 올땐 만드시 우산 가지고 오시길~~

I wish I were here in September or something.  Flowers and plantes looked gorgeous.  It must be extremly beautiful in the summer and when it's sunny!

여름엔 정말 예술일듯한 정원이심. 10월 말인데도 이리 예쁘시니…

우중충하고 비오는데도 예뻤심.  꼭 울 신랑이랑 다시 가리라고 맘먹은곳!

Our 10th anniversary, we came to Paris and ate at this restaurant.  And this time it was the same table again! I love this place! I wished my husband were there with me! Au Père Louis It's near Luxembourg garden.  The menu is great, reasonable price, ambiance is cozy and a cute restaurant. 

식당 찾으시는 한국 분들도 여기 꼭 가보시길. 가격도 괜찮고 와인도 괜찮고… 이집 카슐레도 아주 괜찮고 에스깔고, 양파숲도 아주 괜찮은집.  꼭 가보시길… 

Baked Raviole

Braised beef with Fingering potatoes

Caramelized pineapple with caramel and whipped cream… yummm I am not a dessert person but I really liked it :) 

The first time, I was really impressed by tapestries! You must see them in person!  I really liked the Musée Cluny!  ( Musée National du Moyen Âge)
맨날 봐도 그저 그렇던 타피스트리가 이리 멋질줄이야.  클루니에서 제대로 느낀 예술 타피스트리.  너무 예뼈서 이 박물관에서 막 뭐 사가지고 옴 ㅋ

그 유명한 레이디랑 유니콘!

Lady and the Unicorn!

Other tapestries are really great too!

Entrance to the museum

Église Saint-Étienne du Mont

Ok! time to walk toward the station! I chose long way to the station! 

walking through the Quartier Latin.  I think I will stay in this area next time :) 

Grande Mosquée de Paris

When I walked through the Jardin des Plantes, I saw this Mosque and wondered about it so here I am! 

You pay 3 euros and walked inside this mosque.  It's beautiful!

It was the first time I went to a mosque! How exciting!

난생 첨으로 들어가본 모스크.  와~ 멋졌심.  

가운데 있는 정원? 비슷한 곳

모스크 타일예술..

After Moquée tour, I went to the Jardin des Plantes again and walked more leisurely all over the place. 

Inside there are many hot-houses that you can visit…

Wooo look at this!  Evolution! I even know the "Adaptation" :) I am the wife of an evolutionary biologist :P I wish Ben were here with me so he could explain all this to me :) 

After the garden, I walked toward to the station, drank some wine at a bar before taking the train.  Ah~~ au revoir Paris~ I like you a lot and hope to see you soon!!!!!! 

정원을 둘러본후에 기차 역으로 감.  가는길에 와인한잔 해주시고… 안녕~~ 파리! 꼭 또 보세!

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