Friday, November 7, 2014

Solo in Paris I./ 혼자하는 파리 여행 I.

Sadly, finding a job turned out very difficult in Montpellier area so instead of sitting at home and waiting for a long time, I decided to go back to U.S.. Soooooooo sad! Mais c'est la vie!  The last thing I'd love to do before move back was to visit Paris again.  This time it'd be by myself! It was easy to plan since I've already been there.  I reserved a little studio between le musée d'Orsay and le Jardin de Luxembourg since last time we stayed in Marais. It was perfect choice! The major thing I'd like to do was to visit Louvre and Orsay so I did several times with my Museum Pass. I walked almost 25000steps everyday! It's such a great city to walk around.  I lost several times deliberately and it was great!

슬프게도 남부 프랑스에서 일 찾는게 너무 어려운지라 집에서 놀고 먹고 하느니 다시 미국으로 돌아가기로 했읍니다.  뭐 아쉽고 하긴한데 말도 잘 통하고 특별한 서류등등이 필요없는 나라로 울 신랑 있는곳으로 돌아가기로 결정하니까 속도 시원하고 뭐 기쁘고… 미국으로 다시 돌아가기 전에 파리 한번 둘러볼려고 혼자한 파리 여행! 파리는 혼자 당기기는 딱 인듯! 한국분들도 아주 많던데… 이거 전 블로그에서 보셨듯이 신혼 부부도 만나고.. 아주 자유로운 여행이었읍니다.  불어도 하고 영어도 하고 해서 저번에 여행했을때보다 더 쉽고 재미있었읍니다 나의 불어가 많이 늘어서리 ㅋㅋ  사진으로 보실래요?

Day 1: TGV from Montpellier to Gare de Lyon, Mètro to the studio, Walk to les invalies to buy the Museum pass, Walk around Jardin the Tulieries, Wine tasting at Ô Chateau

6am? I rarely get up this time.  Sunrise from my bedroom window… byebye Montpellier~~
아침 6시쯤? 평소에는 절대 일어나지 않는 시간 

After 4 hours of TGV ride and Paris Mètro, check-in to the studio and started to walk around

I walked toward to the Invalide and took a photo of the Palais Bourbon (Assemblée Nationale)

Pont de la Concorde , it's really rarely to have blue sky like this in Paris :) 
이리 햇볕쨍쨍은 파리에서 잘 일어나지 않는일.  햇볕나면 무조건 사진을 찍어야한다느…

The reason I went to Les Invalides was to buy the Museum ticket :)  It's not that popular destination so the line is short and it's easy to buy the Museum ticket.  I got the 4 days one.  So worth it! I hate waiting in line. Well but I wasn't interested to enter inside the Musée de l'Armée :) I am a very peaceful person :P

갑자기 햇볕쨍쨍.. 방금전까지 비내렸었심.. 아~ 눈부셔

Grand Palais des Champs-Élysées,just now I found the real name of this building :P 

jardin des Tuileries, Now you know where I've been walking..

Louvre from Tuileries…


Between these, I went to a wine tasting at Ô Chateau ( It was good, I've learn some but little too basic for me :) The tasting would be good for a person who knows about French wine little bit but not too much :P) 

walking back to my studio

Pont des Arts

Dinner at a café near my studio.  The main course was yummy but not that photogenic :) I was in Paris so I had to eat the French onion soup!
원래 파리는 이렇다할 음식으로 유명하지 않은데요, 파리에서 진정으로 나온 음식, 프랑스 양파 국? 한국 말로 하니까 욱겨 ㅋㅋㅋ Soupe à l'oignon

Day 2: Musée d'Orsay, Walk to the Musée de la Vie Romantique ( recommended by my friend, Martine who used to live in 9th arrondissement, but sadly I forgot to take some photos :P), Walk to the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur ( I did because I had to kill sometime between the museum and the tour in the afternoon) , Parisian Food Explorer by Natasha Black (Highly recommend!)

The second day! 둘째날!

 I have no idea what the name of this church. I just walked around and randomly took photos :) 

Cute building.  On the way to Musée d'Orsay!

Inside Musée d'Orsay.  There was a fire near the Opera house and people were watching the fire more than the arts :) 

Musée d'Orsay.  My favorite!

After Orsay, I walked toward to Montmarte and passed the Opera house. And I saw the place on fire… 

I have no idea again.  This is a church between Opera house and Montmarte.  Oh wait! I found it :) Eglise de la Trinité~ Voila!

So beautiful!

Before I arrived at this Basilique du Sacré-Cœur, I walked all over the Montmatre area and relaxed inside this basillique little bit :) 여기오기 전에 하루죄~ㅇ일 걸어서 다리가 후덜덜… 성당안에서 쉬었다는…

여전히 또 안좋아진 날씨.  

While listening to Natasha about the history about this area… This is the starting point for the Parisian Food Explorer!

The first stop! Cheeeeeeeese~~~~~ 

The best one right now in Paris :) Éclair was divine.  I bought something for Ben! Lucky him!

Through this tour, we ate lots of yummy things; cheese, chocolate, éclair, macaron, sausage, ham, more cheese, more macaron, … finish with wine! So very my kind of afternoon :) Natasha was a awesome guide!  

Happy after eating éclair :) 

Japan has the fake sushi and sashimi, France has the stuffed T-bone steak :) !

난 마카롱은 빌루 그러나 마구 먹어줌… 여전히 빌루.  세상에서 젤루 유명하다는걸 먹었는데 빌루인거 보면.. 난 마카롱 체질이 아니라는…

More macaron!

Natasha also showed us the famous Le Chat Noir cabaret.  Sadly it's just a ugly building now….

이포스터 많이 보셨죠?  프랑스 식당 같은데 가면 맨날 있는.. 이게 그 유명한 카바레 포스터 인디 위에 밑에 보이는 사진이 그 카바레 였던곳.  지금은 기냥 아파트… 세월이 무상..

Can you believe that! This building used to be the infamous Le Chat Noir!

I don't know why I didn't take a photo of us but this is the place where we had some nice wine and chat for a while.  How nice way to end the tour!   After this I took the mètro to my studio and relaxed… 하루죙일 걷고 먹고 해서 음청 피곤했던 하루.  이 투어가 끝나고 곧장 집으로 쓩~ 다음날을 위해 충전! 

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