Monday, November 17, 2014

Solo in Paris II./ 혼자하는 파리 여행 II.

Day 3: Notre-Dame de Paris, Walk around that area, Lunch at Les Bouquinistes, Musée d'Orsay..  That was the plan but I met a sweet just married couple from Korea at Les Bouquinistes and spent time with them. If you want to see that ( but it's in Korean only) click here. 

I started to walk toward to Notre-Dame but the streets in Paris aren't straight :P and I somehow ended up in the far away neighborhood…not even the tourist map can't tell where I was :P I walked toward to Montparnasse area( you don't have to go there.. nothing  much but huge boulevard with shops and things and of course it was very busy because of the Montpanesse station)

노트르담에 가서 타워나 올라갈까 하면서 걷기시작했으나 완전 다른 방향으로 갔다는.. 그래서 그냥 동네 구경 완전 하고 ( 뭐 빌다른 것 없는 동네 안가셔도 됀다는..) 그래도 여행하면서 길 가끔 잃어버리는것도 좋은방법중에 하나인듯…

Oh I googled it and found the name of this park, Jardin des Grands Explorateurs and this fountain is Fontaine des Quatre-Parties-du-Monde Good to know! I like the Google :) I highly recommend you to be lost once in a while.  You'd never know what you'd find!

룩셈부르그 정월 끝에 이어져있는 공원 마르코 폴로 공원이라고도 부름

I , of course, don't know but it looked pretty :) 뭔지 모르는디 예뻐서 찍어줌

So finally I found my way toward to Notre-Dame and saw this church and had to check it out. 엥? 가는길에 어라! 뭐지? 하고 따라간길

구름이 예술.  안에 들어가진 않았심.  노트르담으로 쓩~ 바쁜아침.. 다음에 들어가 보지 뭐..

La Sorbonne 소르본 광장 앞을 지나서

Fountain on Boulevard Saint Michel 미쉘광장에 있는 분수대를 지나서..

Guess who is paying for the restoration!

Oh well! all the tourists are in and around Notre-Dame, Louvre and Eiffel tower for sure!! 파리 관광객들은 다 노트르담 성당 안밖, 에펠타워, 루브르에 있는듯! 

I quickly looked around and inside and left there since I don't believe in waiting in line for more than 20min for … Anything!

Behind Notre- Dame

Walking around île Saint-Louis and île de la Cité

Paris City hall

I was walking around all over this area because I had to wait for the Les Bouquenistes lunch :) 

Les Bouquinistes where I met the cute just married couple from Korea!

Start with Champagne, appetize..

Calamari risotto

Apple dessert

We walked to the Luxembourg garden

After that we walked around all over, if you want to see it, it's in here

Day 4: Louvre, D'Orsay ( but Orsay doesn't allow you to take photos so no photos!) and lunch and Louvre again! Visiting museums are so tiring!
박물관 구경은 느무느무 피곤하다는… 루브르랑 올세이를 왔다갔다한 3일 째 날.  머 저번에 가봐서 그 유명한 그림등등은 다 봤고…. 제가 좋아라하는 임프레션니스트 그림과 스페인 이탈리아 프랑스 그림등등만 쭉 천천히 돌아주심. 

Things that I liked at Louvre :) 

I like little details in big huge paintings..

그냥 보시라고.. 

Little restaurant between Louvre and Orsay. I was only one non French person in the restaurant :) It was good, not amazing.. but comforting ambiance without tourists..

I am not a dessert person but this was really great! Hot hot crêpe with pastry cream and Grand Marnier!

This is the restaurant.  cute!  Try sometime if you are between Louvre and Orsay..

After d'Orsay, walked back to the Louvre.  I love the Museum Pass! So worth it!

I love little details like this painting!


Day3 and 4 went very smoothly.  I wanted to go to Orangery but somehow they had a emergency and kicked all people out so there were long line to get into the museum so I gave up.  둘째날 셋째날도 무사히 재미있게! 파리 가실일 있으면 선글라스랑 우산 꼭 가지고 다니시길. 날씨가 느무 변덕스러워서 집에 가는길에 비를 쫄딱 맞아주었다는… 

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