Sunday, April 6, 2014

April 6th 23C=73F Sunny Montpellier/ 23도 햇빛쨍쨍에 빛나는 울동네 몽펠리에!

For all Canadian friends and non-Californian friends and you, whoever look at this now :P!  It's 23C=73F, sunny, clear and no windy in Montpellier today.  My husband and I, of course, decided to take some natural vitamin D!  Just walked around for an hour and took these photos and came back home.  He is drinking Sangria now :)  As soon as I post all photos, I will drink some bubbles!

오늘 정말 날씨 예술!  아직도 꽃샘 추위에 괴로워하실 모든분들에에 이리 자랑질!  사진 올리자 마자 샴페인을 마셔줄 예정!  울 신랑은 벌써 바케트랑 치즈랑 상그리아를 마시며 이 좋은날씨를 음미하고 있심.  자~ 보시길…

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