Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How to spend the perfect weekend in/around Montpellier/ 몽펠리에랑 그 주변에서 보내는 완벽한 주말 여행!

You might think that our friends and family are visiting us constantly in this perfect south France but that's not the case.  Everybody seems like want to visit us but it's either too expensive, too far, or/and no time.  Finally we had friends visiting us from UK with their cutest baby, Maia! We've been to all the awesome places in and around Montpellier so we planned the perfect itinerary for our friends.  We had great time at the beach near Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, awesome hiking in Saint Guilhem even though we got rained on in the end… Over all it was the one of the great weekend! The weather was perfect for our poor UK friends; sunny and beautiful but not too hot :)   We revisited all the places we went so you will see all the similar photos but nicer since the weather is better nowadays.. Enjoy!

사람들이 프랑스에 산다고 하면 친구, 가족, 친척들이 막 들락날락 할꺼라 생각하시겠지만 너무 비싸고, 시간도 없고, 너무 멀고 그렇다면서 잘 안오신다는… 근디 울 영국에 사는 친구들이 이번 주말에 놀러와 주었읍니다.  날씨도 예술에다가 우리가 다 가보고 젤루 좋아했던곳으로 데리고 가고.. 아주 너무 재미있는 주말을 보내주었읍니다.  사진으로 감상하시길…. 

The afternoon in Montpellier/ 도착한 오후는 한가롭게 몽펠리에에서

Saturday at Saint Guilhem-le-désert, we did 13km hiking. My Fitbit said I did over 29,000 steps woohoo~ Before the hiking, we went to Les Arceaux market for our picnic lunch.  It was a great idea!
토요일은 센귀헴에서 13킬로 등산을

On the way back to Montpellier, we stopped at Le Pont du Diable
돌아오는길에 들려준 퐁 듀 디아블러!

Sunday in Aigues-Mortes 일요일은 에큐몰트에서

Lunch at a Crêperie 점심은 크레퍼리에서 

Sunday afternoon at a beach near Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer
역쉬 일요일 오후는 바닷가에서

Sunday evening at Parc Ornithologique de Pont de Gau

So if you ever visit Montpellier, you might want to do exactly what we did; Montpellier center in the afternoon on Friday - Saint Guilhem and Pont du Diable on Saturday - Aigues-Mortes, Saintes Maries beach and Parc Ornithologique on Sunday.  On the way back to Montpellier, we bought local strawberries and ate them in the car. It was super yummy! I am so glad that the weather was perfect! 

언제 몽펠리에에 놀러올일 있으신 분들은 우리가 했던데로 하면 정말 재미있고 알찬 주말을 보내실수 있을듯…. 친구들은 영국으로 돌아갔고 난 이제 집정리에 빨래를… ㅋㅋ :) 

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