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Perfect 2 weeks Vacation from Montpellier I. Cassis & Nice / 몽펠리에에서 시작하는 완벽한 2주간의 여행 1. 까시스 & 니스

You might have already seen all the wonderful :) food and wine photos from our 2 weeks trip to Italy and the amazing Sammezzano castle.  In that 2 weeks trip, I took over 1700 photos, stopped in 11 different towns, and drove 2753km so there are a lot of things to post and write about. So here is the first 2 days of our trip, Cassis and Nice!  Cassis was just like what I'd imagined about Marseille - do you remember how much I dislike Marseille? :P Cassis is a beautiful, picture-perfect little port town between Marseille and Nice.  It was the perfect town to start our trip except it was little expensive and some of the shop keepers were mean.  Do you want to see what I am talking about?  Here we go…

이전 블로그에 올렸듯이 2주간 정말 많이 먹고 마시고 즐겼는데요 그 2주가 제가 찍은 사진이 1700장 이상, 11 다른 도시에 들렸서 구경하고, 2753킬로를 차로 쓸고 다녔는데요 그래서 보여드릴것도 많고 말할것도 많고.. 첨으로 들린 마을은 정말 예쁜 까시스.  저번 2월에 갔었던 정말 더러운 말세이에 비하면 거의 천국수준의 깨끗하고 그림엽서 같은 까시스.  딱 하루밤 지냈었는데요 좀 비싸고 그렇지만 하루 이틀 지내기엔 딱 좋았던 마을.  사진 보실래요?

Entering Cassis 까시스 입구

Is it look like a postcard?  엽서같죠?

Walking around the port with a yummy ice-cream, that was the perfect afternoon we spent in Cassis.  아이스크림 손에 쥐고 이예쁜항구를 걸어주심..아~ 까시스….

So clean! 

We took the petit-train and it was worth it.  


Before dinner, sunset time! Next morning we hiked little bit on that cliff!   저~어기 보이는 절벽 위를 다음날 아침에 약간 등산해주심… 

Another great thing about Cassis, there are many hiking trails surrounded it.  You can hike while enjoying this view!   항구마을인 까시스가 예술인이유, 주변이 산으로 둘러싸여있어서 이 경치를 보면서 등산도 할수 있다는…

Lots of wild flowers..

This is the cliff that all people in Cassis could see.  One can also walk around! 

We walked around little bit before heading toward to Nice! The main reason that we stopped in Nice was to visit Chagall museum but of course it was Tuesday ( Just you know! most of the museums close on Tuesday :) I loved all the paintings by Chagall so that will be another special blog.  Here are some photos of Nice that I took on Tuesday afternoon.  It was nice town but not my type.  I am glad that we stopped in Nice just one night.  We did all the touristy stuff, like walked in and around Vieux Nice and ate food Niçoise :) You already saw ? that food so here are some other Niçois photos. 

까시스 주변에 등산 하는곳을 가볍게 발바준후에 니스로 향했읍니다.  뭐 니스는 말세이보다 예쁜데 까시스 보단 않예쁘고 리옹보다도 그저그랬던.. 이제 큰도시는 나랑 빌루 않맞는거 같다는… 음식사진을 이전블로그에서 보시고 뷰니스를 걸어다니면서 찍은사진들 .. 즐기시길..

Chucky Jesus… 애기인형들은 느무 괴기스러워…

Usually big cites are much pretty when you look at them from afar.. 큰도시들은 역쉬 멀~어리서 떨어져서봐야 더 예쁘다는…

Harbour of Nice

See! French Riviera :)  Côte d'Azur

Nice Opera House 

Cross from the Nice opera house, you can find this famous beautiful Chocolatier… Expensive but delicious :)  오페라 건너편에 있는 이 비싸고 맛있는 초콜렛가게.  꼭 가보시길..

Nice city hall

Lol :)  my mysterious husband!

After walking all over the vieux Nice and ate huge amount of dinner, we decided to go back to our hotel and enjoy the view.  The hotel name is Logis Le Panoramic.  Now you know why :) 

Well, as you can see, Nice… not much to tell you. The Chagall museum was awesome but other than that, I don't think that I need to go back there anytime soon.  We were very excited that night though for Cinque Terre! Yup! Cinque Terre blog is coming up!  

보셨듯이 뭐 니스는 그냥 그랬다는… 샤걀 박물관빼고는 그냥 그저…. 아~ 샤갈 박물관에 한국사람 이 99프로 였었다는… 교회에서 여행 오신듯.  샤걀 할아버지가 완전 하나님을 사랑하셨던 분이라서 그림이 아주 영광스럽다는.. 그래서 많이 오신듯.  암튼 이 저녁에 우리는 이탈리아에 있는 찡꽈떼레(Cinque Terre)에 갈 생각으로 아주 설레였었읍니다.  다음 블로그를 기대하시길! 

Oh wait wait wait!  I just realized that I took better photos the next day on the way to Monaco :)  The weather was better… Look at the view!  No wonder people love Côte d'Azur.. 

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