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Perfect 2 weeks Vacation from Montpellier II. Cinque Terre / 몽펠리에에서 시작하는 완벽한 2주간의 여행 2.친퀘 테레

From Nice, we passed very impressive crazy looking Monte Carlos, Monaco and drove in and out of lots of tunels and viaducts, and drove by ugly looking La Spezia, finally in the early afternoon we arrived in Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre.  The hotel, Due Gemelli, we choose was little bit outside of the town but it was so worth it.  Look at the first photo!  All the rooms has this view!  We will definitely stay at the same hotel if we ever go there again which we will!  Cinque Terre is really nice place. We could hike from town to town in 2 hours, relax at a restaurant, a bar or a gelato shop and move on leisurely.  When we didn't feel like it or the time wasn't great, we took the train to next town without any problem.  The view! all of them are just breath-takingly beautiful, all the food were great! What a unique and amazing place!  I wish that I planned to stay longer than 2 nights but well… next time! When I planned for this trip, I had no idea what to do and what to expect.  Luckily I found this website and did most of things that she recommended.

정말 예쁘고 좋았던 친퀘 테레!  이탈리아쪽 리비에라인많큼 바다도 너무 예쁘고 음식 예술에 하이킹하기도 너무 잘 해놓았고 사람들도 나이스 하고 정말 두말 할것도 없이 좋았던곳.  한 4박 5일 하면 좋을것같은데 뭐 다음에 꼭 다시 와야겠다고 맘 먹은곳.  꼭 가보시길! 우리가 묵었던 호텔이 약간 떨어져 있는 곳이었지만 우리차 주차하기도 쉽고 그냥 버스타고 나가면 돼고 아주 좋았읍니다.  방방마다 첫번째 사진처럼 멋진 경치는 기본에 가족이 운영해서 깔끔하고 사람들도 친절했었다는… 이제 사진으로 울 신랑과 저의 이탈리아 여행의 하이라이트를 감상하시길….

Our hotel room at Due Gemelli


This photo is for the wall not for the two ladies whom I don't know of :)  Just like any other place, there are some smelly dirty tunel or alley to pass to get to a certain place but they are in good shape and has their own charm.. 

Riomaggiore in the early evening

The passages are so very narrow just like this! 골목들이 이리좁심.  살너무 찌면 못걸어 당기겠심 ㅋ

Riomaggiore houses are very well maintained, considering how hard to get to and next to the ocean 리오마조레 집들은 대부분 관리를 잘하신듯…

Clean beautiful blue ocean!

Drink at Pie' de Ma next to the Dell'Amore which is closed due to the fallen rocks.   저녁먹기전에 한잔하기에 딱 좋은 바에서… 

View from Pie' de Ma

In the morning in Riomaggiore, before the boat ride.  리오마조레 아침! 배타러 가기직전

아침햇살 예술!  I think this is one of the best photos I took

View from a boat

View from hiking trail

We went to Monterosso by the boat and hiked to Vernazza.  It was great hike!  

After that hike, we had a lunch at Belfort and hiked toward to Corniglia which had the sign "closed" but everybody went through ( I had no idea why it's closed!  The hiking path was great condition )

View from Doria castle

View from the hiking trail from Vernazza to Corniglia

See? very nicely maintained trail but it was "officially" closed that day.. 

Corniglia from the hiking trail

Cecio Ristorante Camere! We had wine and beer after the hike and went back there for dinner.  The best gnocchi Ben's ever had!  우리가 먹었던 뇨키중에 젤루 맛있었던 곳! 

View from the restaurant 그 식당에서 바라본 코르닐리아

Back to the hotel, enjoying the early evening

Next day, we stopped by Portovenere.

Looked good but touristy without any Cinque Terre charm

But it has very easily reachable beach area..

Overall, Cinque Terre was just amazing.  We really want to go back there sometime in the future and enjoy more!  We drove to Lucca before Florence on that day.  Ready for Tuscany? 

친퀘 테레는 정말 너~ 무 괜찮았던곳.  다음에 꼭 다시 가서 놀자면 울 신랑과 굳게 다짐하면서… 부릉부릉 투스카니로 출발~!

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