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What we've been eating last 2 weeks!/ 2주 여행동안 먹어준 음식들!

Before starting my blog about our last 2 week trip to Italy, I'd like to show you the most important thing; What we've been eating in 2 weeks!  We started in Cassis, Nice and arrived Cinque Terre so you will see some of French food but mostly delicious Italian food.  Now you know why we both have to be on a diet!  I added all the food and wine for which I remembered to take photos and the view of some restaurants and the view from the restaurants.  Enjoy!

우리의 환상적인 2주간의 이탈리아 여행블로그를 올리기 전에 좀 맛보시라고 우리가 먹고 마신 정말 맛있었던 음식사진을 죽~욱 올려볼려고 합니다.  프랑스보다 이탈리아가 훨씬 싸서 음청 마시고 먹고 정말 행복했던 시간들 …  몽펠리에에서 차로 들린 카시스랑 니스 음식도 보실수 있읍니다.  부럽죠? 다시 또 갈꺼라 다짐하면서….


Nice, Socca

Ben's Calzone, my fried squid/신랑의 칼존이랑 나의 오징어튀김

Irish pub before dinner in Nice

wine before sleep in our hotel in Nice.  Gorgeous view!

Riomaggiore bar before dinner

View from the bar

The first dinner in Italy ( Cinque Terre, Riomaggiore)

Gelato after hiking :)

View from the restaurant Belforte

Drink after hiking :)

Dinner at the same place! Our friend, Lise and David recommended this restaurant in Corniglia, Cinque Terre, I didn't realized until later that we had the beer after hiking at the same restaurant.  We drove back to the place again for dinner.  One of the best gnocchi Ben've ever had!

The worst food we had in Italy but it was still good :P

Great wine though.  It was all in Lucca; from Cinque Terre to Florence, we stopped in Lucca.  칭케테레에서 피렌체 가는 길에 들린 루까.  음식은 그저 그랬는데 와인은 정말 괜찮았다는…

Our host, Mario and his wife left this welcome gift to us! Awesome start! 

Pizza for dinner and of course for breakfast 진정한 이탈리안 피자 저녁 식사.  남은건 아침!

One of the best restaurant experience in Italy.  Very little local restaurant in Sesto Florentino.  The one and only we made a reservation for!

지금도 먹고 싶은 오징어 스튜 Squid with tomato spinach sauce

Ben's truffle pasta.  Just great!

I am not a dessert person but this was just amazing!

View from our lunch spot in Florence.  If you've ever been there, you must know where it is :)

Well, if we have time and money, what else we'd do before train?  Irish Pub!

Montepulciano, view from the restaurant

Again, one of the best lunch spot in Tuscany.  Thank to Rick Steve :)

The best duck dish I've ever had in my life. I really wanted to order another one.. 내평생먹은 오리 요리중에 제일 맛있었던.. 정말 한접시 더 먹고 싶었는데 울 신랑이 말리는 바람에…

At the Abbey, before Gregorian chant

Dinner in Siena, again one of the most memorable meal in Italy

Braised Artichoke.  I actually ordered another one later :) We ate 3 plates of this!

Lunch near Academie after David

Lunch in Ravenna, again!  one of the memorable place!

Lunch in Venice!

Dinner in Venice!

This restaurant was very famous this dish but I am allergic to the shrimp so I just admired the dish from next table :)  보시면 아시겠지만 진짜 맛있어보이는 해산물 찜.  거의 먹고 나면 여기에 스파게티를 부어주심.  딱 우리나라 먹고나면 밥이나 국수 넣어주듯이  :)

In Verona.  Not my kind of city but their Spritzer was great!

We had total 6 glasses :) 

As you can see, Ben's happiest moment in days. We found a artisanal brewery+pub+restaurant.  The beer was amazing.  Ben bought a case and brought back home :)  

The best cold-cut meat I've ever had in my life.  I can eat again again again!  Oh it was in Bergamo.  Our future vacation destination!

Stuffed polenta

Fresh buffalo cheese was just amazing.

Lunch in Varenna, Lake Como,  Yup! that' right, I ate one, loved it and ordered another! Salted, dried lake fish! 딱 우리나람 사람 입맛에 맞는 호수 생선 말린거!

이거 두번째.  3스쿱씩 먹고 다시 또 먹었다는… ㅋㅋ 돼지들

Boat tour in lake Como.  Starting with Prosecco!  My kind of boat!

Dinner in Varenna, more lake fish!

The view was gorgeous!

As you can see, we had a pattern; Hiking- Gelato- Lunch- Beer & Wine- Dinner…..  It was just amazing trip in many ways.  The blogs about our trip are coming up soon! I have to do ASAP since we will go again before real summer starts!  It's not easy to move around in July and August since all the French people will have vacations.  So we decided to do as much as possible while the lodging is cheaper and less crowded… 

보셨듯이 저희는 항상 등산에 음청 걷고 먹고 마시고 또 걷고 마시고 먹고.. 뭐 여행이 별거 있남요..  남은건 1700장의 사진이랑, 배에 삼겹살이랑, 사가지고 온 맥주 :) 2주간 너무 빡빡하게 다녀서 올릴 사진이 너무 많은데요, 다음 여행가기 전에 빨리 올리리라 다짐 하면서! 사진 계속 봤더니 또 먹고 싶은 음식이 너무 많았다는…. 

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