Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Increadible Experience at Castello di Sammezzano in Tuscany / 환상적인 성, 사메쟈노!

Few weeks ago, I saw some photos from 40 Incredible Secret Places Most Travelers Don't KnowAbout in Facebook ( you know.. one of the photo thingies that flood around Facebook… ) We were about to leave for Florence and this castle was near it so we decided to check this castle out.  Well, we thought that there must be a tourist office to help us or we could enter without any problem like other famous castles. But it wasn't the case!  We arrived at the town and there was no sign what-so-ever, the town has a huge designer cloths outlet like Prada, D & G and etc and when we drove up to the point where the Google map indicated, there was a bar that block the pass without any sign on it.  We thought that I must mark the wrong spot; BTW we saw a beautiful looking building before entered the town and before passed the outlet mall.. We were puzzled for few mins and about to turn around when a Italian guy who doesn't speak any English drove up to the bar and stopped.  I asked him about the Castle and he said many things with lots of body languages in Italian and I kinda understood that he wanted us to park our car and walked to the castle.  We were kinda scared :P  There was nobody but him and who knows what's going to happen to us?  Well, we believed in him and started to walk.  Few mins later, we passed unfinished-trashed- looking building, it looked like a parking building that never finished and abandoned… It was getting little uncomfortable by min and Voilà! 2 mins later, finally we arrived in front of beautiful but unmaintained locked building!  So Wow it existed and the guy was a good man we thought.. Wait a minuite! We can't see inside.  The door was locked.  A few mins later, the same guy approached us and talked to us in Italian and pulled out his cell phone and gave to Ben to talk to someone who speaks English.  According to the guy on the phone, the building was abandoned for 20 years, it opens to public twice a year since last year, there was no electricity and no water but the groundkeeper was there that day because somebody'd do filming that day.  He also said if we waited 2 hours, they might open the door for us….. So well, let's wait we thought.  We said thank you and byebye to the groundkeeper and looked him drove away from us… When he reached the far end of the road, he stopped the car and was waving his hand frantically at us.  The first time I thought he really wanted to say byebye to us :P vigorously hehe, but when we reached to him, he waved his hand again and we followed him.  Wow he just opened the door for us.  It was dark inside, some of the window were broken, no electricity so while we were following him carefully, he started to open the shutters…. and Wow wow wow.. All the photos down here, we took them as much as possible in 15min!  Just amazing, magnific, fantastic…. The most amazing dreamlike 15 mins experience I had in my life for sure!  

If you want to visit it someday, read the article and contact the person in charge to make a reservation.  It was totally worth it!

Here is an article about this castle and how to book for the tour and so on.  

If you want to see in larger photos, just click the photos for better view.

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