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Perfect 2 weeks Vacation from Montpellier III. Tuscany - 1. Lucca & Florence / 몽펠리에에서 시작하는 완벽한 2주간의 여행 3. 투스카니 - ㄱ.루카 & 피렌체

From the amazing Cinque Terre to Florence, we stopped in Lucca.  We were thinking about to stop in Pisa but I've never heard any good thing about Pisa except the tower so decided to skip it.  Lucca was a very nice quiet town.  As Rick Steves says in his tour book, it's a good town to visit when you are sick and tired of tourists in Florence :) Even though we stopped at this place before our Florence trip, it was worth it.  Now I am so very lazy :P but want to put up all my photos from Italy trip, I won't try to find the names of all the churches we went.  Please just enjoy the beautiful photos.  

아름다운 친퀘 테레에서 피렌체가는 길에 들린 작은도시 루카, 아주 조용하고 관광객도 적고 한적하게 천천히 구경하는 재미가 있는 곳이었읍니다.  피사를 들릴까 했는데 내가 아는 모~든 사람들이 정말 빌루라고, 가면 그냥 피사의탑 사진한장 찍고 오는 곳이라고 해서 가지 않기로 하고 루카에서 천천히 피렌체 가는 길에 들린 곳.  지금 다음 여행가기전에 이탈리아여행 사진 다 올려야해서, 그 많은 교회 이름 찾는거 너~ 무 귀찮아서리, 기냥 않올릴라구요 ㅋㅋ  사진으로 그냥 감상하시길!

 이탈리아는 정말이지 교회가 많아도 너무 많아.. 사람도 하나도 없고 교회만 잔뜩!

교회가 많은데 정말 예쁘다는…

Piazza Anfiteatro 

More beautiful than roses, my husband :) 장미보다 아름다우신 울 신랑님 ㅋ

We stayed in Florence for 5 nights but we have very little photos.  Mainly because most of the museums don't allow to take photos.  Of course the Michelangelo's David was amazing, I could just stare at him all day and Botticelli's Venus at Uffizi was great too but I wasn't impressed by Uffizi as much as other my favorite museums like Orsay in Paris.  Just like us, Florence attracts too many people from all over the world, and I realized that I am not that city girl anymore… Well we had fantastic time with my friend, Alessandria who used to be my piano teacher in Montreal and now studys in Florence.  She showed us all cool places and took us to the best gelato shop and restaurant where serves salted bread; I don't know if you know about this, but apparently Tuscany, they serve non-salted bread at most restaurants :)  We found a nice apartment in Sesto Florentino by Airbnb and it was very convenient, 2 stops by train and cheaper than staying in Florence. 

피렌체, 영어로 불어로 다 플로렌스라고 불러서 약간 헷갈림, 는 정말 한번 가볼만한 곳이지만 사람들이 많아도 너~무 많아서 약간 질렸던곳.  도시 전체가 박물관같은곳!  내친구 알레잔드리아가 지금 살고 있어서 만나서 먹고 마시고 같이 하루 찐~하게 놀아서 좋았던곳.  그 말로만듣던 보티첼리의 비너스도 직접보고, 미켈란젤로의 다비드도 보고… 다비드는 정말 멋졌다는…. 비너스도…. 근디 사람이 너무 많아서 너무 피곤했다는.  뭐 서울에서 직접 살다가 왔으면 뭐 아무것도 아닐텐데 이 프랑스 시골에 너무 적응된 나머지…. :)  박물관에서 사진을 못찍게해서 사진은 사실 머문 시간에비해서 아주 적지만 즐기시길….

The famous Santa Maria de Fiore ( The Duomo) 

Alessandria & my husband :)

River Arno

Ponte Vecchio

View from Ponte Vecchio

Inside Palazzo Pitti

Ponte Vecchio 

I named this statue " OMG Ouch!"

One of few places that you can take photos :P

All above photos from Palazzo Vecchio

As always, we finished our trip at a Irish pub!

oh! wait a minute! :P  I forgot that there are more photos and it was even sunny day :)  We visited again the Pitti palace for other museum inside of the huge places…. 

San Miniato al Monte It was really great place to visit.  Not many people inside but it was beautiful and unique basilica. 이 교회는 아주 예쁘고 한가하고 너무 괜찮았던 곳

The view from the Uffizi museum with my husband :)

The Duomo in sunny day

Our favorite part of Tuscany trip was the drive we did between all the Tuscan hill towns.  I thought that if I were a rich person, I'd love to buy a house in Tuscany and Provence :) It was so beautiful and peaceful.  You will see them in my next blog!

사실 투스카니에서 젤루 좋아던건 피렌체 남부쪽에 드라이빙하면서 본 작은 마을들.  너무 예쁘고 조용하고… 정말 내가 부자라면 여름 별장 꼭 가지고 싶었던곳.  다음 블로그에서 보시길…

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