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Luberon, the real Provence I.Lourmarin to Oppéde-le-Vieux/ 아름다운 프로방스, 루베롱 I. 루마랭에서 오페드 러 뷰

We've been to many famous places in Provence; Avignon, Orange, Marseille, St. Rémy, Arles, Beaux, Camargue, Pont du Gard, Nice, Cassis… wow :)  But when I think of Provence, it's about lavender fields, olive trees, and Provençal food.  To see all these, we had to go to Luberon!  The real Provence!  After I arrived in Montpellier, Ben started to read to me A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle and ever since I've wanted to go to Luberon. We stayed in Apt, not because it's awesome place to stay but because of the convenience of the location.  For fully bloomed lavender, you need to go in the end of July to middle of August but because of the beauty, it's the most expensive and crowded season in Luberon so we decided to go there in the end of June.  Luberon was beautiful and peaceful. It was the perfect place to relax, enjoy the view and Provençal food.  

If you want to see my husband's point of view :) check this website!

그동안 프로방스 안에 있는 유명한 동네는 다 돌아다녔었는데요, 저번주가 간 동네 루베롱은 라벤더 볼려고 지금에서야 갔읍니다.  라벤더는 7월 말에서 8월 중순이 최고 기간 인데요 그래서 그 기간이 젤루 비싸고 여행객들도 음청 많다고 해서 6월 말에 갔다왔읍니다.  아주 예쁘고 조용하고, 프랑스 시골마을들을 다 돌아다니면서 쉬다가 왔읍니다.  사진으로 보시죠.

울 신랑은 이 사이트에 사진을 올리거든요, 가셔서 보시길…

We drove from Montpellier to Luberon.  The first stop was Lourmarin for lunch.  Apparently the author, Peter Mayle, now live in this town.  The book, A Year in Provence, was written when he lived in Ménerbes which was our second favorite town in Luberon. 


 Lunch at a café in Lourmarin

Château de Lourmarin

We didn't go inside of the château but the outside was beautiful!

Driving from Lourmarin to Apt

Driving from Apt to Sault

We were driving from Apt to Sault to Valensole.  I don't know where it is exactly :)  But beautiful nonetheless…

Valensole lavender!  It will be more beautiful in July and August!

From Valensole to Apt

Dinner in Apt, Le Plantane


Maison de la Truffe et du Vin du Luberon in Ménerbes

We bought 12 bottles of yummy Luberon AOC rosé and blanc

View from Ménerbes hill

It looks like Hobbit hall!

A wine bar in Ménerbes.  It's right next the parking lot.  Great view and good price wine for lazy afternoon

Oppède-le-Vieux, the drive up to this little village wasn't easy. You'd better have the Tomtom.  It says No entry except residence but we ignored it and drove up :)  It was worth it!

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