Friday, June 13, 2014

Perfect 2 weeks Vacation from Montpellier VII. Lake Como & the end / 몽펠리에에서 시작하는 완벽한 2주간의 여행 7. 꼬모 호수 그리고… 엔드..

In my perfect life, I'd have my 20 years wedding anniversary in Lake Como :) especially in Varenna.  Wow look at all the photos, it was just Wow! Lake Como was just breathtakingly gorgeous. I'd love love love to go back again in the future!  We spent just one short day in Varenna but we saw so many things.  It's extremly beautiful. The weather was perfect in the afternoon and got little bit cloudy later but it was one of our perfect days in Italy.  We stopped at Ivrea for night and drove back directly to Montpellier.  What an amazing 2 weeks!  

꼬모 호수는 진짜 예술.  조지 클루니가 별장을 산 이유가 정말 있었던곳!  담음에 꼭꼭 다시 오자고 맘 먹었던 곳.  사진으로 보시길!

Luckily we found a parking space right before the town! And this is the entrance view!

Someone had their wedding on that day :)

It's very small town, Varenna, but just amazingly beautiful! I couldn't stop taking photos.  It's very small so you could see that I repeatly took photos in one spot!   정말 예뻐도 너~무 예쁜곳!  사진을 멈출수 없게 찍게 만들은곳.  그냥 보시길… 프린트해서 엽서해도 돼겠다 싶죠?

엄마랑 애기들.  Mom and babies!

Blue blue blue!

Villa Monastero, If you are in Varenna, you must go there!  아주 부자 할배가 기증한 집 . 너무 아름다운 집!  너~ 무 예뼈서 사진을 음청 찍은곳! 여긴 입구

꽨히 장미을 찍었더니 괜히 쫌 촌시러운 느낌? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

예뻐도 이리 예쁠수가…. 감탄을 금치 못한곳

그냥 막찍어도 예술.  I just took photos whenever,… but it still looks like arts!

Above all the photos are in the garden, the below photos are from inside the mansion

이걸 지증한 할배.. 감사하심

Very short hiking to the milk fall( It was literally the Milk fall in italian :P I forgot the real name…)

Apparently George Clooney bought his vacation house in Laglio and they call it Villa di George!  조지클루니가 별장을 산정도로 아름다운곳… 그동네 사람들은 그 별장 동네를 빌라 조지라 불름 ㅋㅋㅋ

We took the taxi boat trip in the afternoon and it was really great!

All the photos from the boat!

Have you seen the movie, Casino Royal?  This is the place where James Bond takes sometime recovering after the torture, before the Venice!

카지노 로얄에서 제임스 본드가 쉬었던곳

For just one day just for the rent is over 10,000 euros..

There are lots of super expensive vacation rental place around Lake Como… Normal people couldn't afford it :)

View of Varenna from the boat

View from the restaurant we had the dinner…

Next day, we drove passed the mountain between France and Italy.  It was just amazingly beautiful …Again!

I don't remember if it was French side or Italian side :) 

So beautiful !

It was just amazingly great trip for us!  We've been relaxing at home, enjoying our life in South France since we returned from Italy trip and now! we are ready to have another adventure!  We will go to Dijon and Alsace!  How exciting!!!!

2주간의 정말 대단하고 멋진 여행을 한후 지금까지 집에서 조용해 지냈는데요, 이제 다시 여행을 할 시간! 내일은 디종이랑 알사스 동네를 일주일간 탐험할 예정 입니다!  그럼  일주일후에나 다시…..

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