Friday, June 13, 2014

Perfect 2 weeks Vacation from Montpellier VI. Verona & Bergamo / 몽펠리에에서 시작하는 완벽한 2주간의 여행 6. 베로나 & 베르가모

Thank (?) to the French train strike today, I had to cancel today's trip to Dijon - I lost one day of my life, and 120 euros…. . So here I am trying to finish my Italy blog before starting the new trip to somewhere.  I stopped in Padua but…wow it was awful; I arrived at 11:45 to see the famous cathedrale but the person in charge, was closing already for his lunch time!  All the driving we did for this trip was for nothing… We were so annoyed so just gave up on Padua, we directly went to Verona, Romeo and Juliet's town!  Well, I didn't know what to expect. It turned out that it's extremly touristy town.  We walked all over Verona as fast as possible.  It's really pretty all over actually because of all the beautiful architecture and the Adige river but it seemed like that Verona is the mecca of high school field trip. If you are near there, you could try for one day but not longer than that.  We stopped for night in Bergamo.  Ah… Bergamo, We really regreted that we stayed in Bergamo only one day!  I highly recommend Bergamo!

진짜 왕 짜증나게 딱 오늘 아침에 디종으로 놀러가는 날이었는데 그 들어만보던 프랑스 유명한 스트라이크!  우리가 타는 기차 3일간 중지!  오늘 가서 바꾸고 두배 비싼 내일 아침 기차표를 사주심.  오늘 호텔은 돈다 내고 못간다는… 뭐 그러나 이 남는 시간에 남아있던 이태리 여행 다 올려야겠읍니다 ㅋ 베로나!  들어보셨을꺼에요, 로미오와 줄리엣이 살았던 도시!  아주 예쁘고 좋은데 사람이 많아도 너~ 무 많아서… 특히.. 딱 경주 불국사이심.  학생들이 떼거지들로 몰려다는다는… 다음에 가게되면 베로나 스킵하고 마로 베르가모로 갈것임!~ 강추 베르가모!  예쁘고 사람들도 빌루 없고…. 하루 저녁지내서 너~무 아쉬웠었읍니다… 베로나는 사진으로만 보시길 ㅋ :)

베로나 입구 entering Verona

Verona Arena

There are many pretty buildings all over Verona

Porta Borsari, Ancient Roman Gate 로마시대때 만들어진 대문

Piazza dei Signori, pretty but extremly touristy!

Dante Alighieri  단테아저씨 동상

Adige River

The best thing in Verona! We found this little restaurant with great view.  We drank all the Spritz! 베로나에서 젤루 좋았던것!  스프리츠!  한잔씩 시킬때 마다 한두 그릇씩주는 안주가 좋았던곳!

Basilica of San Zeno

OMG We saw one guy who climbed up secretly and kissed the Jesus's feet!  How weird!

Byebye Verona!

View from the Old Bergamo

Beautiful little town Bergamo ( I mean that the old part is small :P)

The view from the restaurant

Thank to Tripadvisor, we found this awesome brewery!  Wow really great!  we bought 2 cases of beer to bring France!

The best cold meat plate I've ever ever had!  It deserves Huge photo!

Next time if we ever visit Italy, we'd love stay for a long time in Venice, Bergamo and Lake como!  Do you want to see how beautiful Lake Como is?  Next! coming up!!!!

다음에 가면 꼭 지내자고 맘 먹었던 베르가모, 베네치아 그리고 꼬모 호수!  다음은 꼬모 호수!

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