Sunday, June 8, 2014

Perfect 2 weeks Vacation from Montpellier III. Tuscany - 2. Tuscany hills and towns / 몽펠리에에서 시작하는 완벽한 2주간의 여행 3. 투스카니 - ㄴ. 투스카니 언덕과 마을들

Ah~ my Tuscany hill~~!  It was the most amazing day.  We started witht the Castello di Sammezzano in the morning ( click the link to see all the beautiful photos) and drove to Montepulciano.  We did exact the route that Rick Steves recommended and it was fantastic. We stopped in Montepulciano, Montalcino, and Siena.  One of the highlight was the Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore.  We spent sometime at the café, bought lots of drinks that made by the monks, and stayed until late to listen the Gregorian chant.

 너무너무 아름다운 투스카니 언덕들과 마을들.  정말 그림같이 예쁜곳! 릭 스티브스 여행책에서 추천한 그대로 운전해봤는데요, 너무나 좋았었던… 정말 제가 화가라면 꼭한번 살면서 그림그리고 싶었던 곳!  자~ 감상하시길…..


너~ 무 예쁜 언덕들…

Montalcino, view from the restaurant

I wish that I were a painter!


Beautiful hill and derrière lol

Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore

I don't think that I've ever been the abbey this rich :)

Monk's dining room.  수도사님들의 식당

Stair to the library 도서관 가는곳

Beautiful café inside the abbey


Driving to Siena was just picture perfect gorgeous! 


We arrived little too late but it was very nice!

Someday, I'd love to go back and just stay in a little town in Tuscany!

다음에 꼭 다시 가서 지내자고 울 신랑하고 두손 꼭 잡고 약속했던곳 :)  너무 너무 아름다웠던 투스카니 힐 과 마을들.  꼭 가보시길….

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