Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Perfect 2 weeks Vacation from Montpellier IV. Ravenna / 몽펠리에에서 시작하는 완벽한 2주간의 여행 4. 라벤나

I've never heard about Ravenna until we met the gallery owner in St. Remy-de-Provence. While we were walking and exploring St. Rémy in the lazy afternoon, we heard very nice music and found out that the gallery owner was playing it.  We entered the gallery and started to have conversation about art, music and everything.  Somehow he talked to us that we have to visit Ravenna, if we ever go to Italy :) He loves Ravenna and has been there many times.  Well! I believed him and planned our Italy trip with Ravenna in.  Life is fascinating, isn't it?  It was well worth it.  It's 2 hour south of Venice by car - oh BTW, the road was the worst ever!  There are only 1 lane each side and it seemed like all the trucks in Italy use it!  We were stuck between several huge trucks for hours until Venice. The food was great, all the mosaics are just amazing, and the town was clean and nice.  A perfect town for a day trip from Venice or Florence.  My photos didn't capture the mosaic well but it was just amazing.  

라베나라고 한번도 듣도 보도 못한 마을을 저~번에 갔던 세인트 레미라는 마을에 미술관 아저씨의 소개로 가게됐읍니다.  그아저씨 아니었으면 그냥 무시하고 피렌체에서 베네치아로 바로 갔을텐데 그 아저씨가 엄청 열과 성의를 다해서 설명하는 바람에…. 고맙게도 그렇게 입에 침이 마르게 설명한 이유가 있었다는…. 너무 유니크하고 신기한 비잔틴 모자이크가 이렇게 한동네 고스란히 남아있어서 신기했읍니다.  그 유명한 단테무덤이 있는 라베나.  음식도 아주 맛있었던곳!  베네치아 갈일 있으신분 아주 강추! 모자이크가 아주 섬세해서 저의 작은 사진으론 좀 부족함이 있지만 감상해주시길….

Dante's tomb! 

This one was my favorite place!  I could have just stared at the mosaic for hours! 여기가 젤루 맘에 들었던곳.  모자이크가 정말 예술!

사진으로 보여들일수 없는 예술들…. 

캬~ 날씨 예술에…. :)

 문양이 정말 아름답워서 스카프같은걸루 디자인하면 예술이겠다 생각한곳 근디 이곳은 무덤 ㅋㅋㅋ

After this basilica, we headed out toward to Venice!  Yay! Venice! 출발!

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