Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Perfect 2 weeks Vacation from Montpellier V. Venice / 몽펠리에에서 시작하는 완벽한 2주간의 여행 5. 베네치아

***** Few hours ago, I clicked "Publish" button and my blog disappeared suddenly without any warning… little panicky moment and lots of clicks and sending my cell numbers later…. well It got reinstated!  You see!  My blog is so very pure and innocent!  I wish that they don't do this impossibly rude thing anymore!

Venice! One of our favorite cities in Italy for sure! It's beautiful and special, no doubt! When we arrived  at our hotel little outside of Venice, it was stormy and little too late so we decided to relax that evening at our hotel.  Next day, we left the hotel around 8am and were back after midnight.  According to my Fitbit, we walked almost 30,000steps in 16 hours!  The weather was perfect until the afternoon.  The food was great!  It's definitely a city that we'd love to visit again in the future.  I was little tired to plan all the tours in Venice so I booked a tour that includes gondola, canal boat tour and walking tour from this site. Our favorite was Canal boat tour.  

베네치아는 사실 플로렌스보다 훨~ 씬 내 맘을 사로잡은 곳!  사실 냄새도 나고 더럽고 그렇줄 알았는데 그 주민들이 엄청 쓸고 닦고 해서리 아주 깨끗한곳!  - 7월, 8월에는 냄새 좀 난다 함 :)  다음에 꼭 가서 5일 정도 있어도 재미있을곳!  추천!  음식도 내맘에 쏙!  꼭 가보시길….


The first bridge we crossed :)

I forgot the name of this church.  But isn't it interesting?  Must have some history…

아침 배달 보트들 

We lost several times in Venice! It's so very complicated!

Apparently this mask shop made all the masks for Eyes Wide Shut by Kubrick :)

Piazza San Marco, 베네치아의 가장 중심!

St. Mark's Campanile.  According to the tour guide, it was the tallest tower until Eiffel tower was built. 세인트 마크 탑.  투어 아저씨가 에펠탑이 생기기전에 젤루 높은 탑이었다고 했심

Grand Canal

Doge's Palace

Beautiful grand canal!

Rich Venetian house

Marco Polo's house

Gondola ride!

Gondola and Gondolier

Venetian Ambulance

Venice was amazing and beautiful, great to city to walk around, very clean, no bicyclist, no scooter, lots of great restaurants and etc.. We will go back again!

정말 너무 맘에 든 베네치아! 다음에 꼭 다시 갈것임!

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