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Grenoble, the Capital of the Alps & Chamonix-Mont-Blanc/ 그러노블러 랑 샤모니, 프랑스 알프스!

My husband and I've been traveling so much that I didn't have time to upgrade my blog on time.  Here are all the photos from our Grenoble and Chamoix trip in January.  I think it's the perfect time for all the snowy mountain photos! It's been hot in Montpellier.  I won't go outside today but just look at all my gorgeous photos and enjoy them :)  We arrived on the same weekend when Michael Schumacher got ski accident and brought to the hospital in Grenoble… ( Hope he is better now but it seems like it will take some time… Read about him here

정말 너~무 놀러 다녀서 블로그을 올릴 틈이 없었읍니다.  저번 1월에 갔다온 그러노블러랑 프랑스 알프스 동네!  날이 너무 더우니까 이 눈 덥힌 산을 보면서 쉬시길… 그 간 주말 이 딱 그 유명항 카레이서 오빠 마이클 슈마허가 스키타다가 다쳐서 그러놀블 병원에 실려온 딱 그 주말 이었거든요… 여전히 병원에 있다네요…

We were visiting our friends who are from Hawaii for Peter's sabbatical for a year in Grenoble.  It was huge climate change for them!  We, of course, had to eat the fondue since we were in Alps~! 

아시나 모르겠는데요  그 유명한 퐁듀는요 퐁듀의 산지 스위스에서는 정말 겨울에만 먹는 음식입니다.  너무 맛있었는데요 그래도 치즈가 너무 심하게 많아서 한 몇주가 치즈을 않먹었다는….  양도 장난아닙니다.. 거의 세수대야에다가 녹인 치즈… 먹다가먹다가 지쳐서…

HUGE fondue!  It was with chicken and mountain mushroom.. yum~ 세수대야 퐁듀.. 

Raclette!  라클레트! 이 세단계짜리 히터에다가 치즈를 녹여서 감자랑 먹는…

Grenoble central..

도시 자체가 완전 산으로 둘러싸여있어서 공기이동이 적어서 좀 탁하고 뿌~우 했다는…

Wherever you visit in France, you'd find a place where the revolution happened the first time OR Jean d'arc was in the town…. very interesting! 

River Drac.. So beautiful and peaceful

Fountain of the Three Orders

Archaeological museum of Saint-Laurent

View from la Bastille

Of course, we wore winter jackets but after all the huffing puffing hiking, we were too hot! :P 

I think it's kind a trend in France, we found a piano on the street and Marseille train station…Anybody can play it!

One of the best restaurants we've been in France! 

The chefs show us his dessert in the kitchen !

You have to make a reservation!  Highly recommend!

The next day, Peter decided to show us the famous Chamonix!  I've heard about it because it was one of 10 places in France that you have to visit! Yay ~

아~ 눈이 시리도록 눈부신 샤모니~~~

Top of the Aiguille du Midi!  We took the scary cable car ( Téléphérique de l'Aiguille du Midi) to the top!  Fun!

그 케이블카가 진짜 비싼데요, 한 50유로 했었나?  근디 그 만큼 그 풍경이 장난 아니었읍니다!

3842 미터, 12602 피트!

Our friends!  Umma was pregnant at that time!  The baby and his parents are safely back to hot Hawaii! 

People were skiing!  Crazy !  Just look at them made me scared!

Skywalk!  Step into the Void! Umma was so scared! :P

It was less scary than the Chicago Sear's one! Because the view seems so unreal :)

I saw the Avalanche!  It was so noisy and super cool! 

Skywalk view from outside!

After the adventure!  

You can buy the cable car ticket and this train ticket together! I think it called Chemin de fer du Montenvers! ( I think :P) It's been a long time..

You can see this view!

Isn't it great to see all the snow?  It was a great trip with our friends!  한여름에 보는 눈 너무 좋죠?  저희 친구들은 지금 따뜻한 하와이에서 살구있구여 저희는 여전히 여기 몽펠리에 있읍니다!  

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