Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Strasbourg, the Capital of Franco-German culture!/ 독일과 프랑스 문화가 공존하는 스트라스부그!

We stayed Strasbourg for about a week and enjoyed everyday. We drove on the Route des Vins d'Alsace and visited Colmar and all the small beautiful villages and walked in Strasbourg, ate and drank lots of beer and Alsatian wine. The weather was great, and we felt very safe to walk around in the night. ( I love summer night, so loooooooongggggg)  Especially my husband loved the city.  It's not easy to find a good beer in France but Strasbourg has lots of German influence so it was different.  We went to 3 micro breweries in the city and ate lots of tarte flambée! As I told you before, if you want to see my husband's photos, Click here!

이거 전블로그에서 보셨듯이 스트라스부그에서 한 일주일 머무는 동안 그 와인 루트 천천히 달리면서 다 구경하고 예쁜 콜마도 보고 많이 마시고 먹고 한 동네.  울 신랑이 느무 사랑한…. 맥주가 많아서리.. 전 와인를 아주 사랑하는반면 저희 신랑은 맥주를 너~무 사랑하는데요, 이 프랑스 남부에선 맛있는 맥주구하기가 힘들어서… 암튼! 스트라스부그는 역사에서 보이듯이 독일땅이였다가 프랑스 땅이였다가 해서 그 독일 좋은 문화 땜시 맛있는 맥주랑 소세지등등이 많이 도시였읍니다.   전에도 말씀 드렸듯이 저희 신랑이 찍은 같은동네 사진은 여기서 보시길

Medieval bridge Ponts Couverts

We loved all these Alsatian style houses and buildings! 알사스 스타일은 딱 내스타일.  동화에 나오는 집처럼 예쁜!

The flower arrangement in the city was stunning! 꽃들을 너무 예쁘게 잘 관리한 도시! 

Very interesting looking tomb in a church.  We went so many churchs and cathedrals in Europe, I don't remember the name anymore :P  

모짜르트가 와서 치고간 오르간! 어머! 지금 찾아보니까 슈바이처 의사 할배도 이걸 쳤다네요…Mozart played this organ!Oh I just found out that this was " in Église Saint-Thomas, and this organ is Silbermann organ on which Wofgang Amadeus Mozart and Albert Schveitzer played.." according to Wiki..

The most popular photo spot in Strasbourg I think :) The Cathedrale! Amazing!

Cathedrale and Beer :)

Because the outside was just amazing, the inside was just so-so.. 성당 밖이 너무 대단한 나머지 괜히 안은 빌루 였다는..

Happy hour at a brewery with our first tarte flambée! 알사스에서 유명한 타트 프람베! 파지비슷한데 치즈대신 크림소스나 뭐 그런걸루 만든 아주 심플한 타트!

We thought that this is some special historical building but ( might be historical and cool) it was just another Lycée building :) 너무 예뻐서 뭐 박물관인줄 알았더니 기냥 학교 건물.  ㅋ

Restaurant Caveau Gurtlerhoft.  The hotel guy recommended this place for Alsatian food and we loved here!  We went here twice and loved both time! 

Another bar, another beer and another tarte flambée :)

Again another brewery! Micro Brasserie de la Lanterne! Go there during the Happy hour!

This was really good saucisse!

Oh my… another tarte flambée :P

Inside Alsatian museum, the kitchen!

The birthing chair!

I think this must be one of the popular photo spot in Strasbourg :)  The flowers were stunning!

Inside Modern arts museum

Can't be whiter than this :P


Very interesting chair!

Kandinsky's Salon de Musique!

Can't be more yellow than this!

It's hard to see here but it was a stunningly beautiful dress photo!  It looks like Vampire's bride dress :)  

  Museum itself was cool!

Long long time ago.. in Strasbourg…

On the way to the Orangerie park to see more storks, we saw this European Parliament building :) 유럽 국회사당이 이동네 있다는…

 Orangerie park!  You can see storks everywhere! Super cool! 이 동네가 학이 상징인 만큼 이 동네 공원에 오면 다 볼수있는 학들!

You see? how big they are?  and was very gentle!

Beautiful bird!

Last night in Strasbourg, of course, I had to take more photos of the cathedral!

And we went to the same restaurant again!  It's in front of the cathedral!  I hightly recommend it!

See? Stork everywhere :)

Beautiful sunset….

Strasbourg was a great city to explore!  We both loved here.  If I have to choose another city to live in France, Strasbourg'd be definitly one of them!

스트라스부그는 정말 나무랄때 없이 괜찮았던 곳!  울 신랑이랑 수다 떨면서 프랑스에서 도시 하나 선택해서 살라고 하면 이동네 괜찮을것 같다고 막 그런곳!  곳 와보시길….

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