Thursday, July 3, 2014

La Route des Vins d'Alsace

Our original plan was to go to Vienna from Montpellier and when we come back, we'd visit Strasbourg for few days but the Vienna to Montpellier trip was cancelled.  So since we have the train tickets from Strasbourg to Montpellier, we decided to go to Alsace for a week.  The first stop was Dijon but thanks to SNCF train strikes, we didn't see much of Dijon.  Well here is the highlight of our trip to Alsace, La Route des Vins d'Alsace.  If you ever go to Alsace, you must do this. It's beautiful route that you can leisurely drive, stop wherever, whenever you feel like, enjoy the view, the wine and the food.  We stopped basically most of the little villages which are a lot! and we took photos of all the villages, now I am so confused!  I don't know where all the photos were taken :)  I just searched the Google image and if I see similar photos, I wrote them down under the photo.  Some of them are very touristy but all of them were so beautifully Asatian! Ah! If you want to see more artsy photos, check my husband's website

원래는 스위스 취리히 갔다가 오스트리아 비엔나에서 3주간 있다가 오는 길에 스트라스부그에 들러서 잠깐 놀다가 올려고 했으나, 울 신랑의 계획이 완전 바뀌면서 그냥 알사스 가서 일주일간 놀다오는걸루 … 디종에서 2일간 지낼려고했으나 그 유명하신 프랑스 기차 스트라이크 땜시 그냥 오후 잠시 지내다가 다음날 기차 3번 고생하면 갈아타고 드디어 도착한 스트라스부그.  스트라스부그는 이거 담에 보시고, 알사스에서 젤루 좋았던곳!  와인 루트라고 길도 아주 잘돼어있고 너무 예쁘고 아름답고 프랑스이면서 독일 스러운 알사스!  소설 알퐁스 도데의 마지막 수업 아시죠? 그 동네입니다.  지금은 프랑스꺼!  스트라스부그에는 유럽피안 유니언 국회당도 있다는… 암튼 그 예쁜 알사스 와인 루트를 보실까요? 아! 울 신랑이 찍은 사진을 보고싶으시면 이곳으로

예쁘죠?  So peaceful route!

Westhoffen Capitale of cherry in Alsace

We picked some cherries from the tree and tasted it.  Wow we had to buy more!  
체리농장이 아주 유명한 동네! 나무에서 그냥 따서 먹어봤는데 예술!  저~기 보니까 체리따는 분들이 있길래 가서 사주심.  커~다란 한상자에 10유로! 내 평생 젤루 맛있었던 체리!

10 Euros!  Huge box of cherry! 

We ate ate ate and still it was too much so we decided to share with bicyclists!

So when you are in Westhoffen area, you have to stop! Especially in June!

Grandes Boucheries in Molsheim

We just walked around little bit in Molsheim and see this!  Someone is very into shrines for sure!


Very pretty cute village!

We had not that great lunch :)

Petit train in Obernai, not worth it.  This was the only one photo that worth from the petit train ride.

Isn't it like fairy tale town?

Domaine Luc Faller in Itterswiller, Great place to go for wine tasting! You'd better speak French though :P 

Entrance to Dambach-la-Ville

Stork, It's everywhere! Super cool!

꽃곰 ㅋ 울 신랑은 자기가 곰이라고 생각함 ㅋㅋㅋ

City Hall of Dambach-la-Ville

I don't remember which village this was :P


The famous Alsatian bread, Kougelhopf! It's like brioch with almond and candied orange peel


Colmar is very pretty village.  

Every Tuesday night ( during summer) in front of this place, there is the traditional Alsatian dance!  I will post it separately.

Food looking soap, very pretty :) 예쁜 비누들 

Alsatian style wine glass and pitcher

Lunch at a little café in Colmar ( it was ok)

Either Ribeauvillé or Riquewihr :P

Oh my!


I think it was Bergheim but not so sure :P

Bergheim city hall

Château de Haut-Koenigsbourg, it was little off from the Route but so very worth to visit! 

Route des Crêtes, Col de la Schlucht

Lac Vert

We did all this in 3 days.  We stayed in Strasbourg, rent the car from Citiz, drove from up to as far as possible in a day and next day we directly drove to Colmar and visited all the village near Colmar.  The 3rd day, we went to the Château Haut-Koenigsbourg, Munster and drove around Muster valley.  Do not go to Muster valley on Wednesday because most of Farme houses are closed on Wednesday :) 

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