Monday, March 3, 2014

Avignon! the Pope's city / 아비뇽! 중세 교황의 도시

Just in case you don't know… In France, nothing is easy.  I thought that I could and should do internship in kitchens without any problem since it will be a free labour but in France, getting permit for internship is extremly harder than getting working permit.  Strange huh?  but it makes sense.  There is very strong labour law in here to protect all these poor students and employees from evil employers.  In short, I am still working on to get the permit so while I am waiting this piece of paper, I decided to go another adventure! Avignon!  From here Montpellier, it's one hour train ride :) How awesome is that! Avignon is located in Provence and the left bank of the Rhône river. (If you are a wine drinker, you might know about Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Côtes du Rhône. On this trip, I learned that the Popes didn't drink them since both AOC are quite new ones.  The Popes mostly drank Burgundy(Bourgogne) wine) Wine was one of the essentiel things for Popes life because of that, the wine cellar was located in the basement of same building as pope's chamber.

정말이지 프랑스는 뭐 내라는것도 많고 관공서에 해야될일 도 너~ 무 많아도 너무 많고, 엄청 기다리다가 정말 너무 지쳐서 ㅋㅋㅋ 기둘리는 동안 아비뇽이라고 울 집에서 1시간 기차 타고 가는 동네를 놀러가기로 했습니다! 2박 3일간 아주 자세히 놀다온 아비뇽.  중세 시대에 9명의 교황 할배들이 지냈던 곳으로 알랑가 모르겠는데 Rhône(론) 강이 옆에 흐르는 - Côtes du Rhône 와인 산지로 유명한  - 성입니다.  


It was raining and cold when we arrived in Avignon so we decided to go to all the museums. Musée Calvet.  우리가 아비뇽에 도착했을땐 슬프게도 비가 내려서 박물관들을 구경하기로함.  이곳은 칼베 박물관.  아주 괜찮은 박물관이었심.


The left one is by one of my favorite painters, Pieter Brueghel le Jeune's the village Kermesse with a theatre and a procession (copied).  The right one is by another my favorite painter ( I like all three Bruegel( a father and two sons)), Jan Brueghel l'ancien,  the procession of peasant wedding( copied) 내가 너무 좋아하는 화가들 그림 두개 아빠랑 두아들 다 유명한 화가라서 헷갈린다는… 저의 모든 사진은 클릭하면 크게 볼수 있습니다!


사진 찍을까 말까 하는 울 신랑이랑 이집트 (훔쳐온) 물건들 전시해놓은 금으로 화려한 방.  이 박물관은 아주 부자 가족이 기부한 집이라서 부자집 안을 보는 재미도 있는곳임 Museum Calvet's building was used to be a some family's mansion so it's very nice to look at all the nice rooms and the layout while enjoying all the arts.


I was very impressed by this painting but I forgot to take a picture of the info. :)  Our lunch at Restaurant La Cour du Louvre  너무 빛과 그림자를 잘 살려서 감동받아준 그림. 점심은 우린 비싼곳에서 먹고 싼음식은 디너로 먹어주는 센스.  Porcini mushroom soup!


Inside restaurant, St.Jacque and smoke salmon salad.  나의 맛있었던 관자조개, 연어 셀러드


Well, Avignon is not a city so the decoration wasn't that good :) kinda country style  :P 양고기 스튜와 나의 스테이크/ Lamb stew and my steak 시골이라서 좀 촌시러운 ㅋㅋㅋ


Raspberry dessert and my chestnut mousse dessert.  It was soso :)  밤 이랑 라즈베리 디저트.. 맛은 그냥 그랬다는…


Inside Avignon city hall and France bank building.  아비뇽 시청 안이랑 그 옆에있는 프랑스 은행


The front of Papal palace and the garden.. Look at the rainbow!  교황궁전(?)  앞 전경이랑 정원의 무지개! you can hear the song about this bridge.  The real name is Saint Bénezet but everybody calls it Pont d'Avignon.  아비뇽 다리.  프랑스 아이들 노래로 아주 잘 알려진 다리로 진짜 이름은 세인트 베네제이심


다리 건너는 곳이랑 저녁때 가준 재즈 콘서트. 아주 감동 받아주심.  수준도 높고 싸고.. 프랑스 사람들은 즐길줄 아심.  The closeup view of the bridge.  In the evening, we went to the AJMI, Jazz concert hall.  It was amazing.  We bought the CD and enjoyed 3 hours for 16 euros each.  We'd like to go back again!  If you want to listen their album  go to


Right behind of the tourism office, Square Agricol Perdiguier's day and night view 아비뇽 관광 사무소  바로 뒤에 있는 공원


Inside view of musée Lapidiare and the front view of the city hall 고고학 박물관이랑 시청


Avignon Opera house and the building right in front of the pope's palace 아비뇽 오페라 하우스랑 건물 바로 교황궁전 앞에 있는 … 정말 눈이 시리도록 파란 하늘 .. 근데 바람 이 음청 불어서 살 않쪄 놨으면 날라갈뻔 하심 ㅋㅋ


엥 올리다가 두장 올려줌 ㅋ 교황 궁전 안/ View of inside pope's palace


We took the Secret of Palace tour in French.  It was long and little boring since we didn't understand that well but was fun! The food they served was better than I expected.  Good to be in France!


The great part of the Secret of Palace tour was that we could go up to the top of the roof !  Look at all the view of Avignon and Villeneuve-lès-Avignon  우리가 한 투어에 가장 좋은점은  궁전 가장 높은곳까지 올라가서 동네 귀경한거.. 캬 날씨 좋고 공기 느무 꺠끗!


정말 예술 이죠?  The view was amazing and air was super clean!


After the tour, we did all the regular visits in the palace.  그 비밀 투어 이후에 궁전 안을 다 구경해줌


The Pope's banquet hall and statues  교황의 디너 파티 홀 이랑 조각상들


9 Popes who used to live at the palace  이곳에서 살았던 9명 교황 할아버지들


Luckily we found this little fantastic wine shop, Le Vin devant Soi  The owner was very friendly and knowledgeable and additional to that he speak fluent English :)


Because of this fantastic wine tasting machine, we could taste lots of awesome wine.  Interestingly one of our favorites was the white wine from Vaqueyras. And my husband enjoyed the 89 euros per a bottle cognac :)


The entrance of the Le Vin devant Soi and the Corsican wine we drank for dinner at Mamma Corsica
우리가 너무 좋아라해준 와인 샵 이랑 저녁에 마셔준 코르씨카 와인



Dinner at Mamma Corsica; carpaccio, fish soup, fish and lamb.  The food was just ok ( it was kinda bland but we weren't sure whether it's corsica thing) but the service was amazing.  저녁은 콜시카 식당에서 다들 그냥 그랬는데 음악이라 서비스랑 와인이 너무 좋았심


At Les Halles d'Avignon;  The bakery right next to the main door was amazing.  We ate Pissaladière from this bakery while walking inside and back for more.  We also ate oysters. It was great but the guy tried to charge double.  If we didn't speak any French and were clueless tourists, he probably succeeded.  So be careful!   아비뇽 시장에 정말 맛있었던 빵집이랑 돈 더 받을려고 했던 나쁜 프랑스 아저씨의 굴 바.  그러나 누굴 속일려고.  내가 불어로 계속 물어봤더니 아주 착하게, 뭐 자기가 실수했다나 뭐래나.. 난 실수라고 믿고 싶은데 울 신랑이 쳇! 그러면서 많은 관광객을 속였을꺼라며….암튼 굴은 너무 맛있었심!


Foccacia from the bakery and the church bell; it was Sunday morning so they actually rang the bells.  빵집에서 사먹은 진짜 맛있는 빵이랑 교회 종!  일요일 아침이라서 마구 울려주심


In Villeneuve-lès-Avignon, Fort Saint-André.  Look at this!  Isn't it amazing?  In Korean, we describe this kind of sky as " So blue that it make your eye frozen"  It looks beautiful, clear and sunny but while we were there, the wind is too strong that my husband had to hold his hat!  Interestingly this village is a part of Languedoc-Roussillon while Avignon is a part of Provance! 눈이 진짜 시리도록 파란 하늘.  이곳은 아비뇽 건너편에있는 빌너브 레 아비뇽이라는.  아비뇽은 프로방스, 이곳은 울 동네 처럼 랑거독 로시용이심.  교황이 궁전 세우니까 뿔난 프랑스왕이 강 건너편에 지어준 성이심


Inside Fort Saint-André.  We only saw about 5 people while we were there for like 4 hours.  세인트 안드레 성 안에 전경.  일요일에 바람 음청 불고 비수기라서 한 다른 관광객 5명정도 봐줌.


꽃도 너무 예쁘고 성벽에 앉아준 나두 예쁘고 ㅋ  Beautiful trees were over the place!


My husband is so very camouflaged!  내가 딱 찍어준 울 신랑 ㅋㅋ 거의 카멜레온이쥐 ㅋ


View of Pope's palace from Fort St-André.  This tower looks just like Rook in Chess  세인트 안드레 성에서 봐준 교황궁전.  이 타워는 진짜 체스에 룩이랑 똑같에!


Garden in abbey St. André.  It'd been great if it was spring or summer.  It was huge! 세인트 안드레 정원.  여름이나 봄에 왔었으면 너무 좋았을뻔!



View of outside Fort St-André.  We were walking toward to the Chartreuse Notre-Dame-du-val-de-Bénédiction - the right photo  성 밖에 정경.  샤트루스로 가는 길.. 오른쪽은 샤트루스 안




Chartreuse Notre-Dame-du-val-de-Bénédiction is HUGE structure.  It took long time to just walk inside.  사트루스는 정말 커도 너무 커서 걸어다니는데만 한시간 넘게 걸려주심.  오른쪽은 입구 전경


At Le Moulin à Huile de la Chartreuse. We bought some yummy things and Mandarin liquor but not the olive oil :)  여기는 올리브 오일 짜는곳이자 여러가지 프로방스 제품 파는곳.  우리는 맛있는 올리브, 겨자랑 울 신랑 오렌지술을 사주심


Wherever we go, we had to find a Irish pub for game and pint of Guinness.  How awesome is that!  This was very good pub.  The server was very nice, big tables for board games and, of course, delicious Guinness!  우리는 어디를 놀러가나 항시 아이리쉬 바를 찾아주심.  하루죙일 걸어주면 정말 앉아서 편히 쉴수있는곳이 다 필요한데 우리는 항시 바를 선택해주심 ㅋㅋㅋ

아비뇽은 아주 예쁘고 멋지고 너무 괜찮은 마을 이었심.  날씨 좋고 늦은 봄쯤에 갔었으면 너무 좋았을것같지만 뭐 비수기여서 관광객도 빌루 없고 울 신랑과 한가하게 보내준 3일 이었읍니다.  울 신랑이 기회되면 또 오자고 할만큼… 근디 난 갈보고 싶은곳이 너무 많아서 ㅋㅋㅋ

Avignon was very nice beautiful awesome town. My husband'd love to visit again sometime when the weather is nicer but for me, there are too many place to visit in France, Italy and Spain! We might pass by when we do the one week Provence trip in the near future!
 Sur le pont d'Avignon, Keew-y danse, Keew-y danse…… comme ça….. :)


  1. 토론토 영하20도 체감 영하30도 올 겨울 내내 이런 날씨야... 봄 너무 그리워... 좋다.

    1. 그래? 여긴 한 15도 정도 지금. 근데 바람이 장난 아니심 나가면 날라갈꺼야 그래서 집에소 콕! 하고 있심