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The most beautiful village in France, Saint Guilhem-le-Désert / 정말 예쁘고 멋진 마을, 세인트 귀헴 러 데제르

Since we arrived here, I've heard so much about this village, Saint Guilhem-le-Désert.  Finally, thanks to our hiking organizer, David, we went hiking yesterday.  It started with the perfect beautiful sunny weather but in the middle of the hiking, we got hailed and rained on constantly.  Nevertheless, it was the best hiking we've ever done in France so far! 

여기 도착할때 부터 항상 들어오던 곳 센 귀헴 러 데제르, 어제 드디어 울 미드업 아저씨 데이비드 덕분에 하이킹을 해주고 왔읍니다.  정말 예쁘고 멋진 동네였었는데요, 데이비드 말에 따르면 동네가 농사짓기에도 발전시키기에도 뭐 그렇고 그런 동네이고 글고 쫌 따로 떨어지 외진곳이라고 이렇게 예쁘게 간직할수 있었던 동네라고 하네요.  지금은 우리처럼 놀러오는 관광객만으로도 잘 살고있는 동네!  몽펠리에에서 30분 떨어진 동네라서 친구들 놀러오면 꼭 또 오리라 맘먹었다는…. 날씨가 정말 좋았는데 갑자기 우박 내리고 비 내리고…. 근데도 지금까지 한 등산중 젤루 좋았던 곳!  사진으로 감상하시길….

The middle of the village.  As you can see, it's surrounded by lots of little cafés, shops and a church.  After the hiking, we had a glass of wine and a pint of beer and we bought lots of little souvenirs that were made out of olive tree.

Inside the church

All the little streets and alleys in the village were so pretty.  Interestingly ( not like other tourist places), many of the shops are worth visiting!  
마을 안의 길들 너무 예쁘고 여러 가게들도 너무 유닉한곳.  꼭 가서 그 가게들 천천히 돌아볼것임  :)

Not only the view was fantastic but also there were many special ruins that you could admire while we were hiking this places.  
등산하는 동안 볼수있었던 중세시대의 흔적들.. 사진찍기에 딱!

 Yay! spring! 

Little church! There were many hikers who were taking a break and having a lunch at this place!
등산 중간에 있는 작은 교회.  여기서 점심 먹고 휴식 취하는 사람들이 많았심

Gorgeous beetle!

yeah… it was perfect weather until our lunch time.  As you can see, the cloud was moving around so fast pouring hail and rain all over the valley.  
왠일이레 밥 먹는데 우박 내리고 비내리고 그러다가 햇빛나고 그러다가 이러고 ..

It was raining and hailing on and off but It stoped for us whenever we came up to this kind of view.
 비, 우박 막 오다말고 이런 멋진 곳에서 딱 멈춰줘주는 센스있는 날씨였심

Awesome trail; cool to look at, nice to walk on
내려오는길에 만나 멋진 길.  사람들이 만들었다함. 

You can see my husband o~~~ver there :) 
쩌~쪽에 있는 울 신랑, 보이심? :)

The weather was nice again …. until…….
날씨가 다시 좋아짐 그러나…

We came back to the village for a drink and while we were waiting at the place, the rain started again!
우리가 마실꺼 시키고 기둘리는데 다시 막 내려주신 비… 그래도 동네가 너무 예뻤다는

This road is the part of the routes of Santiago de Compostela in France
이길이 산티아고데콤포스텔라 가는 길중에 하나라는….

이마을 시장님의 건물? :) 귀여워
Mayor's office :) so cute!

The picture perfect village! this is the one of "the most beautiful village in France"!
프랑스가 정한 프랑스에서 젤~ 아름다운 마을 중 하나이심

 We'd love to come back here again to explore this village more and enjoy the hike again with our friends for sure.  There is a tourist office in the place to get a map and all the info, that you need.  I highly recommend Saint Guilhem-le-Désert to everyone!

다시 꼭~옥 와서 가게들도 다시 잘 보고 등산도 다시 하리라 맘 먹게한 동네.  프랑스 남부에 왔다면 꼭 들리시길 바람! 딱 내 스타일 마을, 셍 귀헴 러 데제르~!!

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